'Hawaii Five-0' Finale Spoilers: A Wedding, Big Returns, And Secrets Revealed

Regina Avalos

Fans of Hawaii Five-0 will see a two-hour long finale for Season 5 on Friday night. The first preview for the finale revealed that the team will have to stop the explosion of a nuclear bomb on the island, but there is more happening on the Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 finale.

During the episode, two major characters that left during previous seasons will return. Michelle Borth will return as Catherine during the finale. She was seen on set filming with Scott Caan and Alex O'Loughlin at the end of March. Someone on set shared photos of Michelle on-set, and a previous Inquisitr report shared a photo of Catherine and Steve sharing a moment during the finale.

— CBS Tweet (@CBSTweet) April 24, 2015

Catherine will pop up during the second half of the Hawaii Five-0 finale. She will help the team with the bomb situation that pops up the night before Adam and Kono's wedding.

During the first half of the finale, Danny's ex-wife, played by Claire van der Boom, will return to Hawaii. According to Latin Post, Rachel will have a secret from her past to reveal to Danny, and it will have major consequences. Peter Lenkov revealed her return when he shared a photo of him editing a scene featuring her on Instagram.

As for Adam and Kono's wedding, the big event will take over the second half of the finale. CBS shared photos from Kono's wedding on their site. However, before Kono walks down the aisle, her cousin will need to investigate the photo Gabriel left him.

Peter Lenkov teased about Chin's investigation to Entertainment Weekly.

"Knowing that those photos exist, knowing that Chin would do anything to protect his cousin, and the fact that the wedding still takes place, I think that the result of what happens out of those photos is hopefully a surprise to people. If it was really bad news, I don't think Chin would allow his cousin to get married."

Jeff Dawn, the man in charge of make-up for the series, spoke about the show's chances of renewal to the Honolulu Press.

"There is no doubt in my mind that there will be a season six, but until CBS comes out with a statement making it official, it is not official."

[Photo: CBS]