'Dragon Age: Inquisition' Multiplayer DLC Released, BioWare Details 'Dragonslayer' With FAQ

Agents in the multiplayer of Dragon Age: Inquisition have a brand new DLC to download today. "Dragonslayer" is out now and it includes new characters, new weapons, the option to fight dragons, and more. To answer a few of the questions related to the DLC's release, BioWare posted a helpful FAQ sheet.

The free "Dragonslayer" DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition is the second free DLC for the game's multiplayer, but it is the first to add new playable characters. Players can master Avvar the Skywatcher, Zither the virtuoso, or Isabela the duelist with this new DLC. The FAQ touches on how players can unlock these new agents. One of the new characters will be included in a free chest provided to players today. The other two characters can be obtained by crafting their armor, found in chests purchased by the player, or looting randomly as drops.

Of course, the new characters are only part of what the "Dragonslayer" DLC has to offer. Dragons are found throughout the game's single player campaign, but dragons were not present in Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer. In this new DLC, dragons are finally coming to the multiplayer. The FAQ covers how to summon one of these beasts and details what players can expect to loot from them.

Dragon Age: Inquisition
A dragon in the Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer

First of all, players will need to craft the Dragon's Call item. This is done via the Weapon Crafting section of the Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer menu. Players will need 10 metal, 10 leather, and five cloth to create a Dragon's Call. Now, the player will set up a match by choosing a difficulty first and then selection a dragon elemental type. The map selection must be Ferelden Castle and the player or group must survive until zone three. There, the player with the Dragon's Call must interact with a gong near a staircase to summon the dragon. However, the dragon will not appear until zone five. When activating the gong, the Dragon's Call is destroyed. If the mission is failed after using it, the Dragon's Call is lost. Finally, if the team survives and begins zone five, a dragon will await them.

The "Dragonslayer" FAQ points out that only one player needs the Dragon's Call to summon a dragon. A Dragon's Call isn't, however, necessary to see a dragon on the new Ferelden map. While playing on that map, players can encounter random dragons as well, without the use of a Dragon's Call. A dragon's loot changes depending on the difficulty of the map. There are three difficulties in the multiplayer of Dragon Age: Inquisition. On the easiest, Routine, players can expect gold and an item drop with a chance for a new dragon weapon. On Threatening, the medium difficulty, players can expect gold, a moderate chance to receive a rare dragon weapon, and a chance at one of the new character's armor. On the hardest difficulty, Perilous, agents can expect to receive gold, a chance at a unique dragon weapon, and a higher chance at a new character's armor when defeating a dragon.

As reported by the Inquisitr, the "Dragonslayer" DLC is accompanied by another free DLC for the single player called "The Black Emporium." Dragon Age: Inquisition was also patched with Patch 7 today.

Do you like the way dragon summoning is handled in Dragon Age: Inquisition's multiplayer?

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