‘Teen Mom’ Feud: Maci Bookout & Farrah Abraham Go Head-To-Head In Sneak Peek [VIDEO]

Farrah Abraham race

The Teen Mom feud between Maci Bookout and Farrah Abraham continues during next week’s episode, when the pair are seen face-to-face for the first time since Bookout threatened to leave the show. In a sneak peek at the Teen Mom feud, shared by MTV on May 4, Bookout and Abraham are seen in a meeting with their co-stars.

“Hey Maci, why are you here?” Abraham asks. “I think you should not be here, because you don’t want to be here. Bye. Bye. Nobody needs you here.”

Not wanting to leave, Bookout engages in the Teen Mom feud, telling Abraham, “If you were my boss, then I’d leave, but you’re not, so…”

“Oh, I’m not your boss — I’m just agreeing with you. Why are you here?” Abraham fires back.

Bookout then wonders why Abraham is there, to which she responds, “Well, because I signed up, and I wanted to be here.”

As fans have seen on the show, Bookout and Abraham’s Teen Mom feud began when Bookout was informed Abraham would return to the show. When Bookout signed on to appear on the series, Abraham wasn’t involved, and producers confirmed she would not be seen in the future. Months later, they changed their mind — and Bookout got upset. As the Inquisitr reported, Bookout quit Teen Mom on the spot, but later agreed to return. In an interview on MTV’s After Show, Bookout explained that while she was initially upset, she later decided the show was best if all four girls were involved.

Unfortunately, Bookout’s reasoning behind her brief exit from the show, which included concern for how her son would deal with being associated with someone who starred in an adult film, didn’t sit well with Abraham.

“My life isn’t about porn. I have a child, too, and she sees me every day… doesn’t affect her. Doesn’t harm her. So, if it was about Bentley, that would be something else. Bentley doesn’t even bring up my name, does he? He doesn’t even know me. He doesn’t know anything about me, and when he did see me, he really liked me.”

At the conclusion of their Teen Mom feud, Abraham got up, and told Bookout the show would be just fine without her.

“You shouldn’t be here.”

For more of the Teen Mom feud, check out the full sneak peek below, and tune into Teen Mom OG on Monday at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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