Manny Pacquiao Faces Suspension For Not Reporting Shoulder Injury To NSAC

Fans who have watched the Fight of the Century between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. have expressed their disappointment. Most of them were expecting an action-packed exchange between two of the world’s elite boxers, but instead they were given a safe show.

However, what fans were not expecting is that the action would come later, after the fight. Now, as the Fight of the Century has been put to a close, the real action begins with the controversy over the Filipino boxer’s shoulder injury.

During Saturday night’s fight, the numbers indicate that Pacquiao was not at the top of his performance. He only threw a meager 429 punches against his opponent, which is far fewer than the 669 punches that he fired against Chris Algieri during their fight last November.

Additionally, statistics from the 12-hour fight show that he was only able to land 18 jabs compared to Mayweather’s 67. His power punches were only able to connect at a rate of 27 percent, compared to his opponent’s 48 percent. People who have been watching the Filipino boxer closely over the years were astounded. This was Pacquiao’s biggest fight, so why didn’t he perform at his best?

This question was answered when news broke that Pacquiao actually had a shoulder injury which, according to his camp, was refused treatment by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. An official statement from the Filipino boxer’s camp claimed that, five days ago, they were able to get the approval of the United States Anti-Doping Agency to use Toradol, an anti-inflammatory injection for pain.

However, the Nevada Commission, being the ruling body over the fight, did not allow Pacquiao to avail of said treatment. Their refusal was based on the claim that they were not properly informed of Pacquiao’s injury.

According to the commission, both camps were provided with a “Pre-Fight Medical Questionnaire,” where they should have indicated if they had any injuries that could affect the match. Pacquiao adviser Michael Koncz filled out the form and indicated that the boxer had no injuries. Instead, he only listed the medications that Pacquiao was taking. Toradol was included in the list.

There is a process, and when you try to screw with the process, it’s not going to work for you,” NSAC chairman Francisco Aguilar said.

Pacquiao is currently awaiting surgery for a torn rotator cuff and is facing a possibility of a fine or a suspension for not properly reporting his injury.

[Image by Al Bello, Getty Images]