Jaden Smith Goes Into Social Media Lockdown

His tweets had captured the hearts and minds of millions of Twitter followers, but brace yourself, Jaden Smith wisdom seekers — his Twitter feed is no more. If that wasn’t painful enough, it appears that Jaden has also put a lock on his Instagram page by changing it from public to private and deleted his Facebook page.

Jaden Smith made headlines last month when he was spotted sporting a dress out in public. The son of actor/musician Will Smith and actress Jada Pinkett-Smith, Jaden was commended for both his confidence and the fact that he really didn’t care what others thought about his style choice.

Perhaps it’s this free-thinking nature that made Jaden break away from the influence of social media or the exhaustion of being relied upon as a source of sage wisdom. And who knows? Maybe Jaden is being grounded from social media by mom and dad. The younger Smith hasn’t commented thus far on the matter.

What is evident, however, is the hole felt in the Twittersphere by Jaden Smith’s abrupt and sudden absence. Tweeters have been sharing their dismay and reminiscing about Jaden and his epic tweets.

For those who are mourning the loss of Jaden Smith’s 140 characters of awesomeness, perhaps you can take solace in the news released yesterday that Jaden will be appearing alongside Maya Rudolph in a new HBO series, Brothers in Atlanta. Until then, we can only hope Jaden clicks his heels together and finds there is no place like Twitter or that some smart individual screenshot every word of Jaden Smith’s wisdom in case such an emergency occurred.

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[Image courtesy of Getty Images]