Lego Super Star Destroyer Meets Its End In May Fourth Celebration [Video]

Star Wars fans have found a multitude of ways to celebrate the iconic films on May 4th, but none may be quite as inspired as the folks at Wired, who decimated a Super Star Destroyer in slow motion to honor the sci-fi holiday.

The Wired team decided to recreate one of the iconic battle scenes from Return of the Jedi in honor of Star Wars day, in which a Super Star Destroyer crashes into the second Death Star, resulting in the destruction of Darth Vader’s flagship. Instead of decimating a screen accurate model, however, the team decided to employ an $800 Lego Super Star Destroyer. The kit is among one of the priciest and hardest to find in the Lego Star Wars collection, as Gizmodo points out, and consists of over 3,000 individual pieces.

Not content to let the Super Star Destroyer perish in vain, the Wired team decided to film the carnage at a rate of 1,000 frames per second, resulting in captivating footage. The Super Star Destroyer took the team over 16 hours to build and just seconds to destroy, yet the high-speed video has already earned a unique place of pride in their Battle Damage series, notes.

“In celebration of May the 4th, we spent 16 hours building an $800 LEGO Super Star Destroyer set… so we could do THIS to it,” the video’s opening crawl declares.

As the Super Star Destroyer breaks into thousands of pieces, Lego mini-figures are sent flying from the ship’s bridge. The video pauses slightly to point out the fates of Admiral Piett and a bounty hunter, both of which tumble through a cloud of Legos. Seconds later, a Darth Vader figure follows them through the melee.

Earlier this year, Star Wars fans were treated to their first official view of a classic Star Destroyer in the series’ newest installment, The Force Awakens. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the battleship appeared at the beginning of the film’s second trailer, broken and buried in the sands of Jakku. The image provided fertile inspiration for at least one Star Wars fan, who placed an ad on Craigslist offering to sell a “slightly used” Star Destroyer. Eagle-eyed observers also noted that scenes of the Millennium Falcon being pursued by a TIE fighter in the second trailer offered them a glimpse of a Super Star Destroyer, upside down and abandoned in the desert, though not nearly as broken as Wired’s Lego model.

[Image: Wired via Twitter]