5 Seconds Of Summer: From World's Worst Band To Saviors Of Pop-Punk

One Direction prodigies 5 Seconds Of Summer are being hailed as the future of the pop-punk genre. Erstwhile Aussie boy-band 5 Seconds Of Summer has supported One Direction at various stages on their last two tours and at first glance seem unlikely candidates to inherit the pop-punk mantle from the like of Green Day and All Time Low.

Few people took 5 Seconds Of Summer's credentials as a punk band seriously when they appeared on the cover of Alternative Press last year. Their hit single, "She Looks So Perfect," was a massive hit around the world, but sat firmly at the boy-band end of radio friendly pop. Despite this, 5 Seconds Of Summer continue to be promoted as a pop-punk band by their record company. In a surprise move, possibly aimed attesting their punk credentials, 5 Seconds Of Summer has taken to twitter to announce that New York pop-punk band State Champs will be supporting them on the Australia and New Zealand legs of their world tour.

Under The Gun reports that State Champs are a bonefide pop-punk band and they seem to have received a boost on social media by their tie up with 5 Seconds Of Summer, possibly because 5SOS fans are following them and checking them out. It must be said that a tie up between 5 Seconds Of Summer and State Champs did not meet universal approval. Under The Gun reports that "many on the infamous 'Defend Pop Punk' Facebook group shows a hefty number of haters, wishing that the tour lineup would change."

That said, those with an open mind will see that State Champs will receive a considerable boost to their worldwide profile and 5 Seconds Of Summer will arguably receive a boost to their credibility. Remember, it was only a few months ago that the NME Awards voted 5 Seconds Of Summer as the world's worst band. It may be that a tie up between these bands will give the whole pop-punk genre a boost into the mainstream to the benefit of all concerned.

Interestingly, Alternative Press reported last year that 5 Seconds Of Summer got their break in the music business by posting covers of pop-punk bands to YouTube. Before being signed, 5 Seconds of Summer covered the likes of Blink-182, All Time Low, and A Day To Remember, and they say these bands are their major influences. The fact that they share a management team with One Direction undoubtedly had much to do with them winning a support slot with the worlds biggest boy-band.

5 Seconds Of Summer obviously wants to be cast into that pop-punk genre that desperately needs an injection of fresh blood. Whether or not the can crack that market remains to be seen.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]