Richard Gere Divorce To Carey Lowell May Cost $100 Million As He Portrays Homeless Man In New Film

Richard Gere may have to shell out up to $100 million for his divorce. The big bucks break-up results from the Pretty Woman actor’s 11-year-marriage to Carey Lowell, reported the New York Daily News.

Lowell is best known for her role in Law & Order. Her attorney, Robert Cohen, emphasized that money is the key to settling the drawn-out divorce.

“We had a nice chat with the judge. We’re moving along. It’s all about money,” declared Cohen.

In contrast, Gere’s lawyer, David Aronson, had no comments.

Although actors are trained to show whatever emotions they wish their audience to see, Gere couldn’t refrain from a frown after meeting with the judge. In contrast, his ex-wife was smiling.

The soon-to-be-divorced duo have a 15-year-old son named Homer.

“I can’t say anything,” insisted Carey.

Ironically, the proceedings took place at a courthouse where the actress had been involved in filming Law & Order. To preserve her memories, she requested and received permission to photograph the famous rotunda’s ceiling mural before exiting graciously and gracefully through the often-filmed enormous outside staircase.

An Officer and A Gentleman star Gere, in contrast, dashed out the back entrance and leaped into a sleek black getaway car.

While the actor attempts to wrap up the divorce, he’s focused on his newest film, reported the Wall Street Journal.

In that movie, Gere portrays a homeless man, and he views it as part of his efforts to help Tibetan refugees.

“[They both are] displaced people…trying to find their place, trying to get back home.”

The film, Time Out of Mind, proved to be a revelation for Richard, who so convinced onlookers in New York City in his role as a homeless man that he was ignored.

“I was giving off the vibe of being homeless, and no one paid any attention to me,” recalled Gere.

Speaking at the Montclair Film Festival, he took pride in the movie, which will be released later in 2015.

However, despite his pride, he admits he was a failure in one area. Attempting to panhandle, Richard took in only $1.25 in 40 minutes.

Gere isn’t the only celebrity dealing with both negative news and positive publicity. As the Inquisitr reported, Bruce Jenner is facing a lawsuit from the deadly car accident in which he was involved.

The decision to sue Jenner for wrongful death comes in the wake of the highly positive feedback that Jenner received from his interview with Diane Sawyer, during which he described his transgender journey and explained why he had hidden his secret for so long.

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