NFL Rumors: The Philadelphia Eagles Offered A Mint To Tennessee Titans For Marcus Mariota

The NFL Draft 2015 is officially over and there are still rumors as to a number of things that could happen or things that may never happen (See: Adrian Peterson). There weren’t a whole lot of trades or big moves in this year’s draft, but there are rumors that one may have been insanely big. The Tennessee Titans were reportedly offered a mint by the Philadelphia Eagles, but turned it down.

For weeks, there were a number of teams reportedly interested in acquiring the second overall pick of the draft from the Titans. Teams wanted it so that they could take quarterback Marcus Mariota, and for good reason.

Once the first round of the draft arrived, it was reported that the race was down to the Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles. Well, no trade ever happened and the Titans ended up taking Mariota for themselves.

The big rumor now comes from Yahoo! Sports and details what is a reported trade offer from the Eagles for the second overall pick. Here is what it included:

  • Two first-round picks
  • One third-round pick
  • Cornerback Brandon Boykin
  • Defensive end Fletcher Cox (best on the team)
  • Linebacker Mychal Kendricks (starter)
  • Quarterback Sam Bradford

Yes, that is essentially seven players for one. The night before the NFL Draft 2015 began, Eagles coach Chip Kelly said that no players were ever offered to the Titans for that second overall pick.

This rumored trade is one of 2012-proportions in which the Washington Redskins gave up four picks, including three first-rounders, to draft quarterback Robert Griffin III. The Eagles on the other hand, put a number of good players along with all the picks and built it up even more.

With the Titans landing Mariota in the draft and keeping him throughout the weekend, he will go into camp to compete with Zach Mettenberger for the starting quarterback spot. Well, that’s what a lot of people thought, but Titans head coach Ken Whisenhunt said different.

That being said, it appears as if Marcus Mariota is going nowhere and the Titans plan on keeping him. For months, it seemed like they were more interested in more talent than one player, but now, that doesn’t appear to be true.

If the Philadelphia Eagles really did offer that much to the Tennessee Titans for Marcus Mariota at the NFL Draft, they’re out of their mind. If the Titans truly did get that offer and turned it down, they may be smarter than anyone thinks.

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