Is Sex With Kanye West Even Too Much For Kim Kardashian?

Daryl Deino

There are plenty of women who wouldn't mind getting in the sack with Kanye West, but they better be prepared. E! News reports that even Kim Kardashian is exhausted with Kanye West when trying for another baby.

"We are trying. We try every single day. You can't try harder than we try. It's getting exhausting. He always says, 'Trying for baby No. 2 isn't as fun as trying to baby No. 1.'"

Kanye is probably just as passionate in bed as he is with his music. According to People, Paul McCartney compared Kanye West to John Lennon.

"This should quiet those Kanye West critics for a bit. The 'Black Skinhead' rapper earned high praise from former Beatle and new collaborator Paul McCartney when the legendary musician gave an interview to the U.K.'s Sun newspaper... The singer co-wrote West's latest song, 'Only One,' a reflection inspired by West's late mother Donda C. Williams and his 22-month-old daughter, North. The pair also worked together with Rihanna."

In the same article, People quotes Paul McCartney as being wary of working with Kanye West.

"He's amazingly talented but controversial and can make eccentric moves. I realized if it didn't work out we'd just say so and shake hands and leave," McCartney claims.

Kanye West is most likely celebrating that he recently made the cover of Time Magazine, who heralded West as a boundary breaker.

"Kanye West would be the first person to tell you he belongs on this list. The dude doesn't believe in false modesty, and he shouldn't. Kanye's belief in himself and his incredible tenacity—he performed his first single with his jaw wired shut—got him to where he is today. And he fought for his place in the cultural pantheon with a purpose."

In the same article, Kanye West appeared to praise his own self-importance.

"Every time I crash the Internet, it's like this little drop of truth. Every time I say something that's extremely truthful out loud, it literally breaks the Internet. So, what are we getting all of the rest of the time?" the rapper claims.

Meanwhile, Kanye West has another woman on his mind besides Kim Kardashian, and her name is Taylor Swift. The current Queen of Pop keeps hinting at a duet with Mr. West, according to Billboard. Swift says Kanye West is just one of those people who keeps coming up with idea after idea. Let's hope a collaboration with Kanye West and Taylor Swift happens soon.

[Photo Credit: Idolator]