Post-Big Sean Breakup, Ariana Grande Focuses On Her Career

Michael Dolce

Breakups are hard. And when you're pop star Ariana Grande and rapper Big Sean, living in the limelight as they are, they can be incredibly worse. At least for Grande, she's got her music and her number one tour to keep her mind off things.

As confirmed by Billboard, Ariana's Honeymoon Tour tapped out at number one on the weekly tally of Hot Tours with the final box office stats reported from the first North American leg.

The site continued, "The Republic recording artist also topped the list of highest-grossing tours during the last week of March when the first 13 shows from the tour were reported by promoter Live Nation. This week's combined gross of $6.7 million comes from the final 12 shows during the initial run through U.S. and Canadian cities."

Ariana Grande's #HoneymoonTour is the No. 1 tour in the country this week!

— billboard (@billboard) May 1, 2015

Which should make Ariana, post-breakup with Big Sean, a happy young lady. According to Hollywood Life, she's going to need all the positivity she can get. The site is reporting that her breakup with Big Sean did not go as amicable as first reported, and the two may never speak to each other again.

"Sean wants nothing to do with Ariana and has very strong negative feelings toward her. He has expressed to his friends and inner circle that he thinks she's immature and selfish. But the scary part is, it sounds like he really dislikes her so much now, that the two may never even speak again!"

The site sources both the Justin Beiber PDA incident on stage and the "billion dollar p***y" song as why each side decided to go their separate ways.

When word hit the internet that Big Sean and Ariana Grande were ending their relationship, they released a statement saying that time apart made it difficult to carry on their relationship.

"They both deeply care for each other and remain close friends," their reps told Us Weekly in a joint statement. "We kindly ask that the media respect their wish for privacy regarding this personal matter at this time."

But soon after, many outlets began to speculate there was more to their breakup than what their publicists were saying. Sources connected with Ariana told TMZ that "the last straw" was when Sean dropped his track, "Stay Down," which featured the now legendary lyrics about Ariana's private area.

Whether or not it's true, at least Ariana Grande can take comfort that her music, and not Big Sean,​ is raking in the bigger bucks.

[Ariana Grande photo credit: Larry Busacca / Getty Images]