WWE News: WWE Diva Nikki Bella Furious With Booker T, Vince McMahon Led Controversy?

WWE announcer Booker T is a legend in the ring, but quite new to the commentary world. He originally began commentary when he came back to WWE years ago, but then was removed from the table to become the SmackDown General Manager. From there, he was used off and on for pre-shows and PPV coverage, but not so much on the table. Then WWE decided to bring Booker back to the table.

For the most part, his transition has been relatively good, but littered with several problems. Most recently, he made a misstep with comments regarding Owen Hart when he said that Owen was not as good as a highflyer as Neville. Well, that was the message, but it wasn't delivered in such a way. Many took it that Booker was making fun of the death of Owen when he fell from the ceiling during a WWE PPV that resulted in his untimely death.

The issues with Booker does not stop there, now there are reports out of WhatCulture that claims WWE Diva's Champion Nikki Bella is furious with Booker.

The story goes that Booker was instructed by WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon to run down Nikki on commentary a week or so back. Nikki was a heel, but most recently switched to the babyface role after Naomi went heel during WWE's tour of Europe. Naomi attacked U.K.-born star Paige, resulting in her missing time away from WWE. This also earned her a shot at Bella's championship.

Normally, face announcers put over the babyfaces, but never truly put over the heels. The opposite occurred with Booker, as Booker spoke about how Naomi was the best diva on the WWE roster, all while Nikki was on commentary. This led to Nikki defending herself and bringing up her traits as well as athleticism. Despite this, Booker continued to bury her and get her to shut up.


This led Nikki to be furious and she ended up complaining once she was backstage.

Everyone knows that Vince feeds lines to the commentary team, so Nikki's problem should be with McMahon and not with Booker. However, Nikki may be thinking that Booker went off the cuff a bit. It is still unknown why Vince wanted to bury Nikki as of now. This would normally be a bad sign for her. However, the interesting part is that Nikki is John Cena's girlfriend, resulting in her being pretty protected. She has yet to lose the WWE Diva's Championship and has held the title for about 160 days thus far. So, it is not as if Nikki did something to earn heat or WWE would normally take the title off of her in some random way.

Many believe that this was the start of WWE sort of transitioning from her to the new divas coming up from WWE NXT, such as Charlotte and Sasha Banks. Many believe that Naomi will not win the Diva's Championship at WWE Payback this month. Instead, the idea is for an NXT girl to win the title. For now however, WWE has to push The Bella Twins as babyfaces because there isn't really one to use of high value until Paige comes back.

Naomi is not ready for a top face role, but WWE knows they can use her in a filler heel role, which is why she changed over. Another reason was due to AJ Lee's early retirement. WWE simply needed someone to help in filler, and when other divas come up. The Bellas, or simply Nikki, could very well turn back heel within the next few months, so we shouldn't get too used to the face run for them.

It all depends on need. As of now however, Nikki Bella is still unhappy. Whether it is still with Booker T, Vince McMahon, or both -- there still is an issue. What becomes of it is yet to be known. Most would imagine that WWE is simply starting to move forward and this whole ordeal was a foreshadowing of things to come once the NXT girls come up.

[IMG Credits: Bleacher Report, prowrestling.wikia.com]