‘GTA V’ Patch Might Have Broken Mods For Both ‘GTA Online’ And Single-Player Fans

A recent patch to Grand Theft Auto V released yesterday, and while it fixes an issue plaguing the GTA Online servers, it might have also broken any mods currently released in the game.

Modding has been a part of the Grand Theft Auto V experience since it launched on PC, and in fact, they can be argued to make the GTA V experience an ever better one. For the modding community, this is a blow, as there were already a few good and entertaining mods in the game.

According to GTA5-Mods, the recent patch renders the Script Hook V program, which allows the mods to work with GTA V, unusable. Players who want to use mods will either have to wait for a fix to come down the pipline or revert to an older version of the game using files downloaded from an unofficial source.

No word from Rockstar whether the patch deliberately broke the mods or if this was an oversight to be fixed. Mods aren’t officially supported by Rockstar (via an interview with Gamespot) and can cause some players to be banned if used in GTA Online.

Players have been, as reported by the Inquisitr, banned for simple mods such as an increased FOV (Field of View) slider, while others have been using mods in more creative but game-breaking ways (invisibility, shooting bags of money, etc).

Attempts to bring Script Hook V back are already underway, with the caveat of keeping it offline only. In a post on the GTA V PC subreddit, a note by Alexander Blade, who is a prominent GTA V modder, states that the new version of Script Hook V will make it so it will be simply unable to bring mods to GTA Online.

“With the next update you won’t be able to go Online like at all, in order to do that you will need to disable asi loader, this is done in order to prevent any attempts to get banned even it SP, take it or leave it.”

Some posters on the subreddit are happy about the move, others wonder if there is a simpler way to make it so mods don’t come online, so their progress can still be synced with Rockstar’s game servers and such. As of now, there’s no official word, but speculation is such that eventually another modder will bring back the existing version of Script Hook and enable GTA Online play.

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[Image via Rockstar Games]