Nathan Griffith Out For Good: Jenelle Evans Gets Her Tattoo Covered Up

Nathan Griffith gained fame by appearing on Teen Mom, and he claims that he had no idea who Jenelle Evans was when she contacted him on a dating app. At the time, Evans was going through a divorce from Courtland Rogers. But Griffith didn’t seem to mind that Jenelle didn’t have the best track record. Many people predicted that Nathan would just be the next one in line to get his heart broken.

It sounds like fans were right about Nathan Griffith. Earlier this year, he was arrested in regards to a domestic abuse altercation, and this changed the entire relationship. Evans immediately ended the relationship and has been focusing on herself. Nathan was left to pick up the pieces and figure out his new direction in life.

According to a new tweet, Nathan Griffith may be on the outs even though he has really tried to fix his relationship. Nathan has revealed that he has tried couples therapy, has apologized, and has done everything possible to put his family back together. But Jenelle has made her decision, and last night, she revealed that she would be removing Griffith’s name from her hip. It sounds like he has no chance of coming back into her good graces.

“Time to sort things out, starting with a cover up tattoo on my hip,” Jenelle Evans tweeted late last night, hinting that Nathan Griffith was begging for a second chance. “Begging for me back now? Psssshhhh…”

It sounds like Nathan really wants to make it work, maybe for the sake of their son, Kaiser. The two were rumored to try couples therapy for a brief moment, but it sounds like it didn’t help. Instead, Nathan Griffith has been sharing his feelings on Twitter.

“Some people don’t understand stress because they aren’t in a difficult situation or ever have been in one. You shouldn’t put salt in a wound,” Griffith recently revealed after people made some comments about his poor decisions.

Earlier this spring, Nathan was supposed to go to Costa Rica with Jenelle to fix their relationship, but she ended up going on her own. As for Griffith, he stayed home and continued to work on himself. According to the Inquisitr, he relied heavily on religion to make sense of what has happened.

What do you think about Jenelle covering up her tattoo of Nathan Griffith’s name? Do you think he will ever have a chance with her again?

[Image via Instagram]