Katy Perry’s Dress: China Takes Issue With Sunflower Decorations

Katy Perry’s dress in China ended up being more than just a fashion statement. The sunflower motif caused a degree of controversy for the “Roar” singer.

This isn’t the first time Katy was the subject of general rejection, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. FHM listed her below Ariana Grande, alongside Rihanna and Beyonce, on the list of most beautiful women. While it isn’t exactly rejection to be on that list, it nearly parallels Katy’s reception during a concert in China, which was met with mixed feelings.

Known for her strong stance on certain issues such as feminism, Katy Perry or her stylists inadvertently chose a fashion signaling a potential political statement.

The dress Katy Perry wore in China was adorned with what appear to be fake sunflowers, which themselves had been a symbol used by Taiwan students. The symbol was meant to protest China’s economic dominance in the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement, an occupational movement lasting 23 days in Taiwan’s parliament. During the protest, students held sunflowers as a symbol of hope that China’s economic influence could be cut down, according to E! Online.

When Katy performed in a sunflower dress, wearing a Taiwanese flag as a cape, surrounded by sunflower stage decorations, China had issues with it because of what it possibly meant. A post on the Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo, which referred to Katy as Fruit Sister (a nickname she earned for her tendency to wear outfits with fruit themes) mentioned the controversial appearance.

“I’m speechless over Fruit Sister. I suppose she has no chance to come to the mainland anymore, though she might not care. These performers who intervene in other countries’ politics are the most annoying.”

Following the concert, pictures of Katy Perry wearing the controversial dress were removed from social media websites in China, says the Huffington Post.

It is unknown if Katy’s wardrobe was meant to be such a strong political statement, as her reps have yet to comment.

A Twitter fan poked fun at the fashion faux pas, referring to a statement the singer made at the concert promoting her Prism album.

“I am laugh-crying at Taiwan anti-China dissidents ‘moved to tears’ because Katy Perry’s stylist accidentally committed her to their cause. ‘I don’t even speak Mandarin. That’s what you speak, right?’ Katy Perry while unknowingly decked out as a member of Taiwan’s Occupy.”

Do you think the controversy over Katy Perry’s dress in China was intentional, or simply a bad choice due to the political climate?

[Image via Valerie Macon / Getty Images]