Ariel Winter Prom Dress Photos Showcase ‘Modern Family’ Star’s Desire To Be ‘Normal’ [Video]

Ariel Winter is sharing prom photos as part of the Modern Family star’s desire to be “normal.” The 17-year-old actress couldn’t resist heading to Instagram to flaunt her fabulous high school prom evening, reported ABC News.

With father Glenn Workman cheering, Ariel attended prom with boyfriend Laurent Claude Gaudette.

“Dad saw me off to #prom!! Love him,” wrote Winter.

She posted photos showing her dress choice and Laurent’s tux.

“Shmoopberry and I take prom,” added Ariel.

Ariel also shared the way in which Laurent invited her to prom.

“Got asked to prom with someone jumping out of a box pelting flowers at me and holding up a prom sign. I love you so much baby!”

The evening was a dream come true for Winter, who confessed in 2013 that she longed to attend a school dance.

“I’ve always wanted to go to a school dance,” admitted Ariel. “I hope I get asked.”

Winter’s boyfriend is a singer and songwriter, according to E! News.

“Since the day we met I’ve had only incredible memories with you and you’ve affected me in ways that I will remember for the rest of my life,” he shared on social media. “I couldn’t have a more perfect girlfriend. Everywhere I go with you I’m proud to have you by my side.”

In addition, Laurent vowed to be honest with Ariel. The two have been dating for more than a year.

“With you, I promise to share unfiltered honesty and infinite loyalty because you don’t deserve anything less. I can’t wait for what is to come in the future. What can I say? You’re nothing less than amazing! I love you!” he added.

But the Modern Family star doesn’t neglect her professional commitments for teenage fun, and as the Inquisitr reported, Ariel recently attended the Kids’ Choice Awards.

Together with her co-star, Sarah Hyland, Ariel survived being drenched with green slime as part of their acceptance of the award for Favorite Family TV Show onstage during Nickelodeon’s 28th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards.

However, Ariel has harbored a desire to be just like other teens for years, she told Teen Vogue.

“All I’ve ever wanted is to be normal.”

But the Modern Family actress has a busy life that makes it difficult sometimes.

“My birthday party is Saturday, I start school — I’ve been homeschooled since the second grade — next Wednesday, and I’m about to release my first-ever solo cover on YouTube,” she revealed when she was 15-years-old. “And the SAG Awards are this weekend. I seriously have no idea what I’m going to wear!”

However, although she’s grown up since that time, Ariel is proud to share that she experienced no worries about deciding what to wear for that long-awaited high school prom.

[Image Via Ariel Winter/Instagram]