Is Kate Middleton In Labor? Rumors Fly About Duchess Kate’s Due Date As Royal Baby Reportedly Runs Late

Is Kate Middleton in labor yet?

The question — which as of early Friday appears to be no — has been circulating with greater intensity amid rumors that Duchess Kate is running several days past her due date and will be heading into the hospital for an induction.

The royal family never gave an exact due date for the royal baby, only confirming that Duchess Kate was expected to give birth in April. Kate herself let it slip that she was due in mid- to late-April, but now that the month has passed and the calendar turned to May, the rumors about her due date are starting to pick up steam.

On Friday, many people took to the internet to find out exactly when Kate Middleton would go into labor, and if she had done so already. There has been coverage outside of the Lindo wing of St. Mary’s Hospital, where she is expected to give birth, including live updates about whether Kate has been spotted.

The topic of whether Kate Middleton is in labor yet is also popular online, with many asking just how much longer Duchess Kate could go.

Others have responded to the now circulating (and debunked) rumors that Duchess Kate was going into labor.

Pregnancy experts are also speculating about how much longer Kate Middleton could go before the royal baby is induced.

“The decision to induce is based on how she is feeling, her history and how the baby is managing. It’s a constant dialogue between the doctors, the midwives and Kate,” pregnancy expert Zita West told People on Monday.

Many in Britain seem to think that Friday will be the day for Duchess Kate, with oddsmakers saying the betting action is coming in heavily on Friday.

Those who want to find out if Kate Middleton is in labor can go directly to the source to find exactly when it’s happening. The royal family said it will announce exactly when Duchess Kate has given birth through its official Twitter page, @KensingtonRoyal. The royal family will also tweet an announcement about the royal baby’s gender, time of birth, and height and weight.

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