Drop.io ups the game with Conference.io

Most people will know of Drop.io as being a drop dead simple file-sharing services out there. Well today they pushed out a new addition to their service called Conference.io and just so I don’t mess up what the service is all about here’s the word from the horse’s mouth – so to speak

conference.io: is an applet from drop.io specifically tailored for real time collaboration and file sharing. Create a conference.io drop in one click and you are instantly in a rich media ‘chat’ feed. Invite participants (as many as you want), use all core drop.io settings, collaborate and exchange files at will in your browser, third party chat client, and mobile. Ideal for events, and with our free conference call function, teams working remotely.
pictures, video, audio, and documents all appear in-line and can be previewed and downloaded. Files can also be emailed in, and voicemail can be recorded on your conference.io’s private line. All files are stored (up to 100mb for free) and can be viewed in a variety of ways.

Source: conference.io

In keeping with drop.io’s well known ease of use you can be up and running using conference.io with as little as a username and a button click


There is also a Quicktime video walkthrough available here for those that want to have a bit more of a look before jumping in.