WWE News: Hart Family Offended By Booker T’s Owen Hart Comment — Booker Apologizes

On this past Monday night’s RAW, during an opening round King of the Ring match up between Luke Harper and Neville, JBL and Booker T said that Neville could end up being the very first high-flying king, which was followed by JBL saying that Owen Hart was a high-flyer, but not like Neville, which led to Booker T saying “Owen Hart didn’t defy gravity like Neville.”

As every wrestling fan knows, Owen Hart tragically died on May 23, 1999, at WWE’s Over the Edge pay-per-view after falling to his death. Not only are WWE fans furious with Booker T, but the Hart family — led by Owen’s brother, Bruce Hart — is furious with Booker T as well, as Bruce took to his Facebook account to address the comments made by Booker T.

“At least Booker T has publicly apologized for his remarks about my brother Owen and at least WWE saw fit to edit his comments out of all RAW replays, however, myself and other members of the Hart family were offended by Booker T’s ill chosen comments. As Owen’s brother, I found no humor and was deeply offended and disappointed by the remarks on RAW, and don’t know why you were that insensitive and indiscreet. Frankly Booker T, you should be ashamed of yourself. By the way Neville is not half the worker Owen was.”

Almost immediately after Monday’s RAW concluded, Booker T took to his Twitter account to publicly apologize.

So far, Bruce Hart is the only Hart who has made a public statement regarding Booker T’s comments on RAW. Booker T likely won’t face any type of punishment due to his comments, as it’s clear that he didn’t intend to offend anyone. However, it’s extremely likely that Booker T got lambasted on the headset by Vince McMahon immediately after the Owen comment was made.

Neville — of course — did not end up being the first ever high-flying King of the Ring, as he lost in the finals to Bad News Barrett. Some people believed that Neville should have won the tournament, but, at this time, WWE feels that they can do more with a “King Barrett” character than they can do with a “King Neville” character, which is why Bad News Barrett is your 2015 King of the Ring.

[Image via WWE]