June 29, 2017
'RHOBH' Star Kim Richards Was 'Withholding The Truth' During 'Dr. Phil,' Claims Body Language Expert

Was RHOBH star Kim Richards lying to Dr. Phil during her interview earlier this week? In a shocking new interview, body language expert Patti Wood MD, Ph.D., claimed Richards appeared to be "withholding the truth."

On April 30, Wood revealed the following to Radar Online of the RHOBH star.

"Following Dr. Phil asking Richards about her drinking in the past two and a half years, she looks to her right, which … is where she would look to create a statement rather than to her left where she would scan to remember things. This indicated to me that Kim is trying to think up and create an answer rather than relay what is actually the truth."
Throughout the interview, the RHOBH star opened up about her relapse (which reportedly happened a few months ago), her arrest, and her ongoing plan for recovery.

On April 16, the RHOBH star was arrested at the Beverly Hills Hotel a short time after having a glass of vodka at her daughter's house. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Richards was disruptive to guests of the Polo Lounge after enjoying a number of cocktails at the bar. Then, after being cut off from alcoholic beverages by the bartender, Richards reportedly grew angry and security was called. Still, the RHOBH star wasn't ready for her night to end, and police had to be called.

Following a brief standoff, which involved Richards refusing to come out of the bathroom, the RHOBH star was taken into custody, where she allegedly kicked a police officer. According to an E! News report, Richards was charged with public intoxication, trespassing, resisting an officer, and battery on an officer.

Continuing on with her allegations of possible lies in the RHOBH star's interview with Dr. Phil, Wood said, "Right after that, Kim freezes in place, which is a high stress cue. This indicates that she fears being caught. Her head is down and forward slightly to protect herself. Her face is frozen in a moment of fear and sadness, but her forehead and brows are furrowed and her nose is clenched at the top."

"After Kim answers Dr. Phil, we see her lip tremble in fear and sadness. The next shot that we see of Kim, she has changed body language positions. She is sitting with her hands folded closed on her lap. It is obvious that she has collected herself a bit and she answers with a teary and stressed voice about the times she had a drink."
RHOBH star Kim Richards is currently in rehab, receiving treatment for alcohol dependency.

[Photo via Twitter]