‘Blue Bloods’ Season Finale Spoilers: Will A Reagan Die?

Is Blue Bloods going to kill off one half of maybe the most stable couple on television right now in its season 5 finale? After the events of the first part of the finale last week, it’s looking like that is certainly a possibility.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the Blue Bloods finale, “The Art of War,” airs May 1, and it is one fans will not want to miss given how the first part ended – with a gunshot in the same room as one of the Reagans. In “New Rules,” it became personal right from the start, as Deputy Chief Kent and his wife are gunned down, and Frank struggles with the investigation that follows, between conducting it by the books and letting Danny loose, which wasn’t helped by the Chief’s son, also a police officer, going to see Danny after learning that they let the prime suspect, Mario Hunt, go because they didn’t have enough to hold him.

There is one eyewitness, Hector, who understandably is not willing to testify with his family’s life put in danger because of how things are run in his neighborhood. However, by the time he agrees to testify, Mario Hunt is MIA. Then came the moment that had everyone talking, as Linda went into Hector’s hospital room to check on him and Curtis, whose mother works at the hospital with her and who has fallen in with the gang, comes in with a gun. As the episode ended, there was a gunshot. But is Linda going to die?

It has been known for some time that the season finale was going to be personal for the Reagans and that a member of the family was going to be shot, and the promotional photo from “The Art of War” posted on SpoilerTV and seen above shows Danny and Jamie hugging, with their partners Baez and Eddie by their sides, and now, everyone knows why Danny is so worried in that photo.

The Blue Bloods promo, which you can watch below, shows that Linda is shot, but she is alive — at least in the beginning. Danny has to be held back in the hospital. He’s also going to be continuing to work the case, and no one is going to want to be facing him in an interrogation room.

When TVLine first revealed that Method Man would be guest starring as Mario Hunt, the police’s prime suspect, that casting news also revealed that he’d be in both parts of the finale, so they will track him down, so now it’s just a question of who will find him and if he’ll be brought in alive. Will the investigation still be by the books after Linda was shot?

The Blue Bloods season 5 finale airs Friday at 10 p.m. on CBS.

[Image via CBS]