Caylor Sighting Happens As Calvin Harris Shades Taylor Swift’s Friend Sam Smith On Snapchat

Calvin Harris just threw some shade at Sam Smith on social media. That could cause some problems for Taylor Swift, since she’s become good friends with the Grammy-award winning singer. A leaked Snapchat photo from Calvin Harris’ account shows an illustration of Sam Smith.

Harris, 31, sent a photo of Swift’s, 25, friend, Sam Smith, 22, to his friends on Snapchat – and the photo has gone viral. Hollywood Life was one of the first news sites to obtain a photo of Harris’ alleged drawing. It’s unclear whether or not Harris was attempting to shade Smith in the illustration, or if he drew it as a light-hearted joke.

It’s clearly an illustration of Sam Smith as it shows a similar hairstyle that the singer wears. Calvin made the illustration obvious by including a speech bubble that says, “Stay With Me?” That’s the name of Sam’s debut song that made his career took off. The Hollywood Life report is claiming that Calvin sent the illustration to his friends, and maybe Taylor herself. Fans are wondering why he drew it in the first place.

Harris may have become friends with Smith through Swift, and just shared the drawing on Snapchat because he thought it was funny. Maybe Smith is in on the joke as well. The illustration is an over-exaggerated representation of the singer, so it could’ve been done in jest.

On the other hand, Harris is known to throw shade at singers. He threw shade at British X Factor winner Leona Lewis for saying that her version of Rihanna’s “We Found Love” would’ve put people to sleep! Harris also made headlines for throwing shade at ex-girlfriend Rita Ora on social media after their split. Hopefully, there isn’t a feud brewing between Harris and Smith now, since Swift is good friends with the crooner.

Now there’s photographic proof that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are dating. Perez Hilton shared photos of the rumored couple in L.A. on Thursday morning. Apparently, Calvin spent the night at Taylor’s Los Angeles pad. Scandalous!

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris today

— Taylor Swift Updates (@TSwiftAccess) April 30, 2015

In the photos, Swift was showing Harris something funny on her phone. Maybe she was showing him the illustration he drew of Sam Smith. Or, maybe Swift just wanted to show Harris some funny cat videos. Hopefully, the couple was driving safely, because Harris was behind the wheel at the time of the sighting.

A new Hollywood Life report is claiming that the DJ wants to settle down with the singer. An alleged source told the celebrity gossip site that Calvin is in it for the “long run.” He’s aware that it’s going to be hard since Taylor goes away on her 1989 world tour in May.

“[Calvin] is trying hard to make the relationship work. He knows that its going to be an uphill battle but he is ready for the challenge.

Friends are saying that if it goes south its because she drove him away not the other way around. Calvin is in it for the long run!”

What are your thoughts on Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’ relationship? Do you think they can make it work?

[Image: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images and Oliver Hardt/Getty Images]