Wendy Williams Wants Kim Richards To Quit 'RHOBH'

Wendy Williams has weighed in on Kim Richards' recent relapse and arrest. During a recent episode of The Wendy Williams Show, via an April 30 report by Wetpaint Entertainment, Williams claimed Richards should be fired.

According to Wendy Williams, Richards is a disappointment to her children and should walk away from fame and focus on being a better, sober parent.

"You see, these are her daughters. It's very sad that she's doing this because all three of her daughters are old enough to see that their mother is making a fool of herself. I think they need to kick her off the show."

Although many members of the audience immediately began clapping at Wendy Williams' suggestion, co-host Perez Hilton disagreed, claiming that if Teresa Giudice, who has been incarcerated for charges of bank and wire fraud, was allowed to remain a part of the franchise, Richards should be able to, as well.

"[Bravo] should at least have the social responsibility to help this woman you've exploited and made money off, pay for her to go to rehab... I wouldn't say film the rehab process, but make sure that she knows that once she gets better, she's welcomed back into the Bravo family."

Wendy Williams' thoughts of having the reality star fired don't mark the first time fans are hearing about the possibility. Since Richards' arrest on April 16, several reports have claimed she may be let go.

On April 16, Richards was arrested after traveling to the Beverly Hills Hotel, where she alleged got drunk by herself. During her arrest, the reality star kicked a cop, which came as a major red flag to Wendy Williams. Not only was this mother of four drinking and acting out, she was violent with authority.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Wendy Williams has spoken of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills before. Earlier this year, the talk show host poked fun at Brandi Glanville, whom she claimed was threatening to quit the show in an effort to get more money from Bravo.

According to Real Mr. Housewife, Wendy Williams said, "That's what NeNe always says. That's how I guess you keep them so they want to give you more money and stuff like that. I guess Brandi is trying to go that route."

Wendy Williams went on to claim Glanville would go broke without the show, as none of her products would be relevant with her reality career.

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