‘Helix’ Cancelled: Many Not Surprised By Syfy’s Decision To End Series

After only two seasons on the air, Syfy has cancelled its original series, Helix. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Helix wrapped up its second season earlier this month, but the April 10 finale is now serving as the final episode of the series.

One of the main reasons why Syfy has cancelled Helix is because of the tumble it took in ratings. While its first season scored well with a total of 2.8 million viewers, the second couldn’t even crack the 1 million mark. Only 440,000 people tuned in to see what is now the final episode of Helix, and the entire season attracted an average of just 560,000 people.

Another reason Syfy ended Helix after just two seasons is because, as the Hollywood Reporter puts it, Syfy is making a bigger investment in its “high-profile science fiction programming.” This includes its new series, The Expanse, which is set to debut later this year; a second season of 12 Monkeys; and a mini-series adaptation of Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End.

There are plenty of people who are upset about the cancellation of Helix, and they expressed their frustration via Twitter.

But there are a lot of others that felt Helix went downhill during its second season, and they aren’t shocked about the series being cancelled.

.@Helix Cancelled By Syfy https://t.co/uN8ofzvie3@deadline…very disappointing. S1 was amazing & had real promise but S2? Just terrible.

— Will (@ProjectMelton) April 30, 2015

Writing for TV.com, Tim Surette described the cancellation of Helix as a “good news and bad news” scenario.

“First, the bad news: You’ll have to find new ways to simulate LSD trips, because Helix has been canceled [sic]… Now, the good news: Helix has been canceled, thus putting an end to the suffering the logical parts of your brain endured while watching Helix.”

Are you surprised about Helix getting cancelled, or did you see it coming?

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