Kim Richards Admits Using Non-Prescription Pain Drugs And Pot: Will Kyle Richards Reunite At Rehab Family Day? [Video]

After she was arrested for intoxication, Kim Richards agreed to appear on Dr. Phil. But what she thought would be a discussion turned into a revelation about both her alcohol and drug abuse, reported Us Weekly.

After Kim left the room at one point, Dr. Phil’s cameras captured her discussion with her children.

“You haven’t been sober,” accused her son Chad.

“Yeah, but Chad. I’m not drinking every day,” defended Kim.

However, Chad went into detail about his mother’s use of pills.

“I live with you. I’m not saying you’re drinking, but you’re taking pills. You do this every once in a while, you smoke pot.”

Kim hesitated, then continued.

“Every once in a while,” admitted the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star.

Richards also admitted that she drank wine during the past few months but didn’t reveal it at the RHOBH reunion because she was embarrassed.

But then she became irate.

“I’m done. F— him. I’m leaving,” Kim finally said in the midst of Dr. Phil’s intervention. “He just totally put me on the spot with all of these people.”

Before she left, Kim blamed sister Kyle Richards for her relapse.

“Let me remind you that it isn’t the blog or the season that upset me. It was the relationship with my sister. And my niece — that’s been destroyed. Yeah, the mean comments got to me. It’s the overall outcome of where my relationships are with the people that I love the most. And that’s what started getting me upset the most.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Kim decided to enter rehab on her own after declining the Dr. Phil show’s offer.

The rehab facility is located in Malibu and focuses on substance abuse. Kim talked with her family after she melted down in front of her children on Dr. Phil’s show, and they agreed with her decision to seek professional help.

But how is her sister Kyle responding to Kim’s statements? The actress feels that Kim’s problems go back to their childhood, reported Radar Online.

Kyle wasn’t shocked at what Kim revealed about her battle with addictive substances, said a source.

“[It] certainly wasn’t surprising to Kyle,” said the insider. “But to have her name dragged through the mud once again by her sister was extremely upsetting. Kim wants to blame everyone else for the relapse, but the feud with Kyle is only intensifying.”

As for Kim’s decision to return to rehab on her own, Kyle feels that it was essential for her sister’s recovery.

“Kyle is relieved that Kim has finally gone back to rehab, which was long overdue. Dr. Phil nailed it when he told Kim the feud wasn’t about Kingsley biting her niece, Alexia. It is much more complex, and goes all the way back to their childhood.”

Now that Kim is in rehab, the treatment facility will offer a family day intended to help facilitate recovery. But will Kyle attend?

“It doesn’t appear that Kyle will be coming because Kim doesn’t want her there,” added the insider.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]