Jenelle Evans Has Butterflies, So Excited With ‘Another Fresh Start’

Jenelle Evans has been keeping a low profile since she split with Nathan Griffith. For a long time, Jenelle would often tweet about the great things that were happening in her life. Evans would gush about her relationship with Nathan and how everything in her life was perfect. But after a sudden arrest and a domestic abuse charge, things quickly crumbled. Since then, Evans has been keeping quiet about what is going on in her life.

It is no secret that Jenelle Evans has been working hard on wrapping up her schooling so she can start working full-time. She has also been busy taking care of her two children, including Nathan’s son, Kaiser. Some are wondering if Griffith has even seen his son since they split, as Jenelle is the one posting pictures of the little baby.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she is doing quite well without Nathan. In fact, this week something big is happening, and Jenelle has revealed that she already has butterflies. Of course, many people think that she could be dating again.

“Finally, so excited to start out with yet again another fresh start #Butterflies,” Jenelle Evans revealed on Twitter last night, adding, “This night shall be epic and full of positive vibes.”

Immediately, people assumed that Jenelle Evans is dating again. It is no secret that Jenelle doesn’t like to be alone. She has previously admitted that she likes dating, and before Nathan, there would be no more than a few weeks between relationships. This is possibly the longest period of time between relationships, as Jenelle Evans isn’t openly dating anyone.

But some of her followers argued that her tweet regarding butterflies has nothing to do with dating. Evans has plenty of things going on that could be linked to her tweet. It could be a final exam, it could be an event, or it could be a highlight in regards to her sons. It could mean several things, so dating may not be a priority.

According to the Inquisitr, things may be over between Jenelle and Nathan. Evans previously revealed that she was very angry that he was already hanging out with another woman. Apparently, Kaiser is caught in the middle, which could be why he is primarily in Jenelle’s custody.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans’ butterfly comment? Do you think she is dating again, or do you think she is focusing on her children?

[Image via Instagram]