Fredrik Eklund Confirms Exciting News: Their Daughter Milla Is Coming!

Fredrik Eklund is the king of New York real-estate and he has worked hard to have the career he has now. But there is one major piece of the puzzle missing for Fredrik. For a long time, Fredrik has wanted a little baby girl named Milla. On the first couple of seasons of Million Dollar Listing, he revealed that he pictured her to be blue-eyed with brown curly hair. There was just one problem; he wasn’t dating anyone.

From the very first episode, Million Dollar Listing star Fredrik Eklund has been trying to balance work and his private life. On the season finale of the first ever season of Million Dollar Listing: New York, Fredrik started dating Derek Kaplan. The two later got married and Derek had some understanding for Fredrik’s baby plans.

According to a new Bravo report, Fredrik Eklund has been fighting to get the daughter he always wanted. But Derek wanted Eklund to slow down at work, so he wouldn’t be forced into the stay-at-home father role, where he would have to sacrifice his work as an artist. And it sounds like changes were made in the home. Earlier this year, Eklund announced that he was having a baby girl via a surrogate, but now the exciting news just keep on coming.

“To have people you love like Derek helping you put things in perspective is what it’s all about. He asked me in the episode in the park, ‘What is the big deal?’ Well, it isn’t a big deal at all compared to us having Milla. He is right! And finally I can talk about it: Derek and I are having a baby!!!! You will see this amazing baby journey unfold this season,” Fredrik Eklund revealed about his baby plans.

Eklund hasn’t revealed the due date, as he may want to keep that part of his life private. And while he does want to share the journey with the world, he could be protecting his little baby girl from Million Dollar Listing viewers.

Last season, Fredrik was upset that Derek wouldn’t be open to the idea of having children if things didn’t change in the home. During the reunion, he got very defensive and had tears in his eyes. Now, Eklund has changed his attitude. According to the Inquisitr, Fredrik Eklund is thanking his husband for support. Milla is no longer just a dream of his; Milla is coming.

What do you think of Fredrik Eklund’s announcement and his decision to document his baby journey on Million Dollar Listing: New York?

[Image via Bravo]