Substitute Teacher Fights Belligerent Student In Viral Video Clip

A substitute teacher squared off with a belligerent student in a video clip that has quickly gone viral, sparking debate and drawing controversy.

The two-minute video starts with the older male teacher arguing with a female student, who is sitting at a table in the front of the classroom. The teacher is trying to get the student to leave, but she responds with a steady stream of obscenities.

At one point, the substitute tries to get the student to tell her name so that he might report her.

"What's your name? Are you a coward?" he asks. "Show me your name."

"No, f**k you," she answers.

"Then you're a coward."
The teacher then tells the student that there are only three minutes in the class and asks her repeatedly to leave, but the student just says "f**k you" and then "shut the f**k up" several times.

Finally, the exasperated teacher tells the student, "You're a dumba**," which sets her off.

The student picks up a pile of books to throw at the teacher, who responds by grabbing the student by the head and tossing her down. The student and teacher fight for several seconds before some male students finally restrain the student, and the teacher asks if they can take her out of the room.

Video of the substitute teacher fighting the student was uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday, though there was no context of where or when the fight took place. It quickly went viral, racking up tens of thousands of views.

The video was also shared to reddit, where it received hundreds of user votes and many comments sympathetic to the substitute teacher.

Some noted that the teacher will likely not work again, even though the student instigated the situation.

"Teacher here. Subs don't get paid enough to deal with this," wrote one commenter. "What this girl was doing was wrong and she should be punished. But because he looked liked he hit her first, most school systems will never use this sub and he more than likely lost any ability to work in education again. Not to mention he could be in court soon to answer for this. Is that just? No. But that's the system, and that's the culture."

The video of the substitute teacher fighting the belligerent student is not the first time a clash between teacher and student has gone viral. Earlier this year, video emerged of a ninth grader in Yonkers viciously attacking a substitute teacher, putting the man in a headlock and landing several punches.

[Image via YouTube]