Subdued Floyd Mayweather Might Not Show Up To Fight, Insists Manny Pacquiao Trainer

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao’s fight has been billed as the biggest boxing encounter in decades. And it could be just that, as long it takes place. Why might it not? Well, Pacquiao’s trainer has revealed that he’s worried Mayweather might not turn up to their encounter in Las Vegas.

According to the BBC, Freddie Roach believes that the undefeated Mayweather could back out of the bout, stating that the American never wanted to fight Pacquiao and his subdued performances in press conferences is evidence of just how worried he is.

“I really am wondering if he’s going to turn up on the night. I don’t think any fighter is afraid, but I don’t think he wanted this fight. He was forced into a fight he didn’t want to take. I just don’t why Floyd has gone quiet for this fight. His speech is very subdued.”

However, 38-year-old Mayweather soon brought an end to any inkling that he won’t be present at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, on Saturday at 9:00 p.m. local time, as he simply stated, “I’ll be there,” before he then explained why he’d been so subdued in the build-up to the fight.

“I talked trash in the past but this fight sells itself, so I don’t have to.”

However, there’s no denying the fact that Pacquiao and Mayweather’s press conference lacked the usual edge and animosity that has previously accompanied such money-spinning encounters. In fact, rather than exchanging insults, the duo went above and beyond to pay their respects to each other.

According to Yahoo, ahead of Saturday’s welterweight championship fight, Mayweather, who has so far fought 47 times without defeat, said of the bout, “This fight is not good versus evil, (it’s) one fighter who is at the top going against another fighter at the top.”

Mayweather continued, “It’s about the two fighters. I believe in my skills, I believe I am going to be victorious. I went to training camp expecting I was going to win this fight and I’m pretty sure he did the same. It is an intriguing matchup.”

Pacquiao echoed these sentiments as he remarked, “It’s nothing personal… just doing our jobs trying to put our names in boxing history.”

In fact, even Roach, who had previously suggested that Mayweather would back out of the contest, made sure to end on a positive note, as he proclaimed, “Floyd, I wish you the best of luck, Manny, I wish you the best of luck, may the best man win.”

Hopefully, the pair are saving the true fireworks for shortly after they touch gloves on Saturday.

[Image via New Yorker]