‘Let It Go’ — Courteney Cox Has Harsh Words For Fans Expecting ‘Friends’ Reunion

Years after the finale of the sitcom Friends, people are still talking about the show. In fact, fans are still dying to see a full Friends reunion, featuring the whole cast. But it’s looking like that will never happen. Especially now that one of the former stars, Courteney Cox, informed hopeful fans to “let it go.”

According to Yahoo, Courteney Cox had some pretty unforgiving words for those who still think a reunion is in the works. She seems pretty tired of having to break the bad news.

“Dear lord, people, let it go!” Courteney told Yahoo News. “We’re not doing it… It’s just not gonna happen.”

Despite Cox’s harsh tone, she did maintain a sense of humor about the idea. She jokingly claimed that her character, Monica, might star in a spinoff of her own or even a movie. If that were the case, Friends fans wouldn’t have to let it go after all. But it was pretty obvious that Courteney Cox is completely done with the show.

“Oh, Monica is going to do a movie. Just not the whole Friends. It’s going to be called ‘Hanging With Monica,’” Cox said, laughing. “People will be running to the theater!”

The Yahoo interviewer pointed out that telling fans to let it go was a pretty mean thing to do, even if it’s true.

“You like to dash dreams,” he said. “You’re a dream dasher.”

Despite expecting fans to “let it go,” Courteney Cox did admit that a Friends reunion has come close to happening before, according to Just Jared. She said that the cast has tried to assemble in the past, but they can never get all six actors together. She even pointed out the main actor who might be responsible for the failed reunion attempts.

“We have not really had a Friends reunion. We’ve gotten about 80% there but there’s always one person who flakes at the end … You know, I’m not going to name names, but it may not be David Schwimmer.”

What do you think? Should the stars of Friends suck it up and do a reunion? Or should everyone take Courteney’s advice and let it go?

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