Adrian Peterson Rumors: Peterson Says It ‘Would Be Nice’ To Play For Dallas Cowboys

Adrian Peterson rumors link the running back to the Dallas Cowboys again. Peterson was asked about the Cowboys while he attended a Houston Rockets vs. Dallas Mavericks playoff game Tuesday night (April 28). What he told WFAA-TV that later got reported by ESPN has certainly furthered the storyline about Peterson wanting to be traded by the Minnesota Vikings. His most poignant answer was given to the question about whether he would like to play for the Cowboys.

“It would be nice. I’ve got family here, my dad’s here. But I’m under contract, so we’ll see.”

The comments by Peterson followed statements that the Vikings had made earlier in the day. Vikings general manager Rick Spielman had been asked about what the team planned to do with its star running back, and he gave pretty well-defined answers.

We can just end the Adrian Peterson stuff. Our position has not changed. We have no interest in trading Adrian Peterson.

Either the Minnesota Vikings are trying to play hardball here, or Adrian Peterson is going to be the starting running back to open the 2015 NFL season. When the NFL reinstated Peterson after a lengthy suspension, it increased the numbers of rumors about him. Now with some of the most important days during the NFL offseason about to take place, it would seem that nothing has really changed in the situation.

It was previously reported on the Inquisitr that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones would love to have Peterson as his starting running back. It was from those comments that Jones made that many of the current rumors started taking root. Now it is nearly a year later, and the link between the Cowboys and Peterson seems to have grown in strength. No matter how badly he wants to play for the Cowboys, though, the Vikings still hold all the cards. He has a contract with the team that will keep him in place unless they decide to trade, waive, or release him during the offseason.

As the 2015 NFL Draft approaches, it seems that the Minnesota Vikings are trying to use analytics when it comes to selecting the right player. A report from the Minnesota Star Tribune covered some of what Rick Spielman is trying to do. He spoke about how the media shouldn’t read too much into what he is doing, but that the team has taken analytics very seriously.

“We really took another step forward this year from the analytics. We really grew that department and how we’re looking at analyzing some things.”

With Spielman so focused on making the right decisions during this NFL offseason, it seems like he probably has a plan on how to deal with the whole Adrian Peterson situation. It means that the Dallas Cowboys would have to do a lot to change the mind of the man currently making the decisions for the Minnesota Vikings.

[Image Source: Hannah Foslien/Getty Images]