About time: Best Buy being sued over price matching fail

US electronics chain Best Buy will face a class action lawsuit over its price matching policy in New York after US District Court granted a Class Action Certification to a suit against the company.

The suit alleges that: “Best Buy uses false and deceptive trade practices in advertising and applying the company’s well-known “price match guarantee” policy. Best Buy tells the consuming public it will match a competitor’s lower price on any item purchased in the store.” The suit states that Best Buy users its “price match guarantee policy as a ploy, to lure unsuspecting consumers into its stores and to induce them to purchase its merchandise, while allegedly having an undisclosed “Anti-Price Matching Policy,” pursuant to which employees aggressively deny customers’ legitimate price match requests.”

Two former Best Buy employees supporting the suit claim that Best Buy management would train their employees specifically to deny price matches.

The surprising thing is that it has taken this long to get to court. Reports across the blogosphere about Best Buy’s practices have been rampant for years. Even I’ve experienced Best Buy first hand, trying twice on two separate trips to the US to get them to price match without success, despite the price match being a big part of their advertising. There’s always an excuse why they can’t match it, and on one occasion I even had the catalog of the competitor in my hand. The key if you are in the US buying tech is that everything is cheaper online, particularly compared to Best Buy. Unlike it’s name, nothing is a best buy at Best Buy.

(via Gadgetell)