‘Stupid’ iPhone 6S Release Date Rumor: iPhone 6S Delayed, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Selling Too Well

Apple may delay the iPhone 6S release date because iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sales are better than “originally estimated,” say unnamed sources who “guessed” at what Apple’s plans are, according to DigiTimes.

BGR reports that a delay in the iPhone 6S release is highly unlikely, despite the sources who say Apple simply cannot bear to cut into iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sales.

According to DigiTimes,

“As the sales performance for the iPhone 6 series has been better than originally estimated, Apple may defer the launch of new iPhone models, the sources guessed.”

The sources told DigiTimes that Apple will delay the iPhone 6S because iPhone 6 and 6 Plus second quarter shipments are predicted to “exceed 60 million units.” The original iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sales predictions only went as high as 50 million shipments.

Apple would be making a mistake if the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 Plus release date rumors were true, according to BGR, calling it a “scenario that is too difficult to believe.”

“This might be the stupidest iPhone 6S prediction yet – and it would be terrible if true.”

BGR goes on to detail that Apple is highly unlikely to defer the iPhone 6S release simply because an older model is doing well, citing “what’s probably going to be a new record Christmas quarter,” this year as the reason.

According to iDigitalTimes, Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that Apple would not release the expected 4-inch iPhone 6C because the iPhone 5S sales are strong – a very similar prediction to the one DigiTimes is reporting on, notes the report.

Kuo is one of the most accurate analysts studying Apple to date, according to iDigitalTimes and BGR.

iPhone 7 Concept Photos
Screenshot of Conceptual Renderings of the iPhone 6S, also known as the iPhone 7.

Despite the sales, Apple investors are reportedly questioning whether Tim Cook, Apple Inc. CEO, can keep iPhone sales going continuously or not, according to Live Mint.

According to the report, iPhone sales have grown 20 percent or more every quarter. Apple sold 135.6 million combined iPhone models and saw a 33 percent quarterly earnings increase, according to Live Mint, which led to soaring and then falling stock prices as a result.

This caused Carl Icahn to say iPhone stocks will get better. On the other hand, Pacific Crest Securities analyst Andy Hargreaves disagrees, saying that the iPhone’s “potential upside” is “waning.” “We see more risk to consensus F2016 estimates than upside opportunity,” he added.

According to BGR, other iPhone 6S rumors are currently floating arond the blogosphere. One states that Apple is changing the naming convention in the next released device. Citing Kuo as the source, BGR reports that Apple will name the iPhone S6 the iPhone 7 instead. Apple will also skip the budget 4-inch iPhone 6C model entirely, the report notes.

Apple will “likely release two iPhones in differing sizes for 2015, but the iPhone 6C will not be one of them, according to MacRumors. Since the “C” models typically sport budget features and pricing, the lack of an iPhone 6C could leave budget-conscious Apple fans behind.

Instead, the iPhone 6S and 6Plus are more likely, says the MacRumors report, which also notes that because “iPhone 6S Plus is a mouthful,” Apple could take this opportunity to implement a new naming convention for both the iPhone S6 and S6 Plus.

The names iPhone 7, and 7 Plus would be the obvious choice, and means Apple could potentially still release the devices in the fall of 2015. despite the rumors of Apple delaying the iPhone 6S release date.

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