Woman Addicted To 24 Red Bulls A Day Cured By Hypnosis

When it comes to staying alert at work, many people opt for coffee as their beverage of choice, while others favor energy drinks such as Red Bull.

However, for some people, energy drinks are no joke and can become very addictive, even more so than coffee — like the case of 31-year-old Sarah Weatherill from Coventry in the U.K., who was consuming up to 24 cans of the stuff daily due to her addiction to it.

So addicted was the mother-of-four to the beverage that the very suggestion of her giving it up made her squeal, while she was told to cut down gradually for health reasons.

Sarah decided that hypnosis was the best option and having spent around $10,000 on the drinks annually, knew that something had to be done.

Sarah said the following about her Red Bull addiction.

“I was studying for a Higher National Certificate in law in 2005 and used to have the odd Red Bull for a pick me up. It is hard to say when it became every day but I remember that by 2009 I was definitely hooked. Whenever I felt tired having a Red Bull would be the first thing I would do. It was worst in 2010 when I was doing law exams at university and my children were off school. Sometimes I would have exams day after day — and with the stress of revising I was having 24 cans a day.”

When it came to the hypnosis, Sarah, who lives with her boyfriend, Phil, and her four kids, said, “I knew at the start of this year it was a dependency so thought I would give hypnotherapy a go. It was a weird process, I felt like I was in there for 15 minutes but it was 50 minutes. All I can remember is that it was like a kaleidoscope effect, I remember him saying I didn’t need Red Bull.”

While hypnosis doesn’t work for everyone, for those people who it does work for, it is reportedly very effective.

As Weatherill said, “It was like a paralysis because I had an itch, but couldn’t move to scratch it. It gave me a lot of strength because in the past I have tried to give up but lasted a week and then gone back to the Red Bull. I am convinced I won’t have another can. I feel like a different person.”

[Image credit: Metro]