Kevin Spacey Vs. Charlie Cox — Which One Is A Better Superhero? Find Out In The First Episode Of ‘Netflix: The Originals’ YouTube Series

In the premiere webisode of Netflix:The Originals, Kevin Spacey, star of Netflix’s first successful original series, House of Cards, sits down to chat with Charlie Cox, who plays the titular character on the newest Netflix triumph, Daredevil.

It’s just as if they’re two pals getting together for a coffee and a catch-up, and it’s everything you want it to be and more.

Now if Matt Murdock were to get Frank Underwood in a room, it likely wouldn’t be a very friendly conversation, but Netflix’s description on their YouTube channel of the discussion between Spacey and Cox sounds much more amiable, if not a little challenging.

House of Cards’ Kevin Spacey and Daredevil’s Charlie Cox test each other’s senses, wits and athletic talents in the first episode in a series of interviews between stars from our best and brightest Netflix shows.”

The format of Netflix:The Originals involves each star asking the other a question, mostly about either their show or their character. The information that comes out of this isn’t going to give you anything new and juicy about either show, but when you get two charming stars together, it may not be informative, but it’s definitely going to be entertaining.

And that seems to be Netflix’s idea — allowing people to get to know the stars behind their favourite characters in an informal environment.

If you don’t want to be spoiled for the webisode, check it out here before reading on.

When Charlie asks his first question about what superpower Frank Underwood would want — just the way Spacey says, “Oh, but he does, and her name’s Claire,” with a glint in his eye, you know he’s having fun.

The scene Charlie refers to as his favourite is a particularly punishing two and a half minute, single-shot fight scene where Daredevil has to fight a large group of big Russians, and his own exhaustion, in order to save a little boy. Have a look at it below.

And then Kevin, as an off-hand exclamation, starts throwing his cue cards which becomes a sort of competition for Cox, who has a tough time catching a single one.

If you pit Spacey’s mad cue card catching abilities and Underwood’s superpower, Claire, with Charlie Cox’s bungee jumping and Daredevil’s exhausting hallway battle — who do you think makes the better superhero?

Though no matter who comes out on top in the cue card catching department, it seems that a San Diego based research firm has independently worked out the ratings of the various Netflix original series and have announced that Daredevil has come out on top. To be fair though, they compare Daredevil‘s first season with House of Cards’ third, so it’s apples against oranges, but given that Daredevil received a second season order only a little over a week after it appeared on Netflix speaks loud and clear to its popularity amongst fans.

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