Bruce Jenner Reveals More About His Transition With People Magazine

Bruce Jenner is opening up to People magazine after his candid interview with Diane Sawyer. The former Olympian is giving more details about his transition into a woman with the world. Bruce graced the cover of this week's issue with the headline, "Inside His Life Now."

An alleged source says that Jenner, 65, is happy that he can live his life now as a woman.

"He's relieved. He feels like a big weight is off his shoulders."
The source also said that Bruce plans to reveal more details about his gender identity, including what he does behind closed doors.
"He's so excited about everything female. He loves to dress up, he loves wearing high heels, he loves doing his hair."
The insider told People magazine that Jenner has a "full closet" of women's clothing. The former Olympian is finally "looking like the woman he's always wanted to be." Jenner told Diane Sawyer that it would be the last time the world sees him as a man, as he makes his transition into a woman.

He will privately add some changes to his face and body, so he will appear more feminine. Several sources said that Bruce, who revealed he's been taking hormone therapy for years, already had several plastic surgery procedures including breast augmentation surgery and rhinoplasty surgery.

Jenner's transition into womanhood will not be made in the public eye. The paparazzi has been hoping to get a glimpse of the decathlete in woman's clothing, as he fights a lawsuit over his dress photo that went viral last week. The source also revealed to the magazine that he will host "girl parties" and reference himself as "her," although Jenner wants the media and the general public to refer to him as "he" and "him" at this time.


The world will see Bruce transform into a woman on his eight-part docuseries starting July 26. Some fans are hoping that his show will be respectful and tasteful, especially to the transgender community. According to an NJ report, E! has hired a team of producers who are experts in transgender issues. Many will also tune in to see Bruce wear a dress for the first time, on his own terms. The show is expected to be "transformational" and a "game changer."

The ratings prove that. Diane Sawyer's 20/20 interview with Bruce Jenner was the most-watched program last week, according to News Day. His raw and candid interview even topped the Nielsen ratings since it brought in almost 17 million viewers.

Bruce Jenner told Diane Sawyer that he hopes his transition will do some good for the world. The transgender community is hoping the same, as well.

[Image: Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational]