Drug Use Exposed: ‘RHOBH’ Kim Richards Admits To Taking Pills, Smoking Pot ‘Once In A While’

The drug use of Kim Richards was discussed on Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil. According to an Us Weekly report on April 28, Richards admitted to drug use during the interview, claiming she takes pills and smokes pot “once in a while.”

“Here’s your microphone, I’m done. F— him. I’m leaving. He just totally put me on the spot with all of these people,” Richards said as she stormed out of her interview with Dr. Phil, which was taped last week at Los Angeles’ Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

Once she made her way off set, Dr. Phil encouraged her three children, Brooke, Kimberly and Chad, to go after her, and insist she go to rehab. Upon doing so, Chad confronted his mother about her drug use, claiming that while she isn’t drinking alcohol daily, she has been off the wagon in other ways.

“You haven’t been sober,” Chad told Richards.

“Yeah, but Chad. I’m not drinking everyday,” she claimed.

“I live with you. I’m not saying you’re drinking, but you’re taking pills. You do this every once in a while, you smoke pot,” Chad announced of his mother’s drug use.

“Every once in a while….” Richards admitted.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Richards was deeply impacted by fans’ negative reactions to her season 5 behavior on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, as well as her strained relationship with sister Kyle, which played out throughout the year. However, according to Daily Mail, it wasn’t the show that led to her drug use, and recent relapse, it was her family turmoil.

“Let me remind you that it isn’t the blog or the season that upset me. It was the relationship with my sister, and my niece — that’s been destroyed. Yeah, the mean comments got to me. It’s the overall outcome of where my relationships are with the people that I love the most. And that’s what started getting me upset the most.”

Although Richards didn’t reveal at the time whether or not she would be entering treatment to tend to her issues with alcohol and drug use, she did say she was much better sober.

“I know I’ve put a huge dent in the work that I’ve worked so hard to build over the past few years. I just want to do the right thing and I want to be the strongest I can be. I know that me sober, I can handle almost anything.”

For more of Richards’ interview, and to hear what she said about her drug use, check out the video clip below of her interview on Dr. Phil.

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