Amber Rose Gets Cozy With Machine Gun Kelly As Wiz Khalifa Reveals He Wants Her Back In New Song

Amber Rose and Machine Gun Kelly may be a thing. The new couple sparked dating rumors on Twitter when they were spotted together in Los Angeles.

Rose, 31, was spotted meeting up with the 25-year-old rapper at LAX airport, according to UPI. Several onlookers told TMZ that Machine Gun Kelly hugged the model’s waist and grabbed her behind.

Amber and the rapper were also spotted holding hands as they took a walk in Los Angeles. The model recently mentioned that she was single and wasn’t looking for a boyfriend at the moment. Fans were shocked to see Amber with Machine Gun Kelly, because the rapper recently collaborated with Wiz Khalifa on his song, “Mind of a Stoner.” They may share the same mind when it comes to smoking marijuana, but Wiz may not be cool with sharing the mother of his child.

Hopefully, Amber is playing it safe. Back in 2013, it was reported that Machine Gun Kelly tested positive for STDs, including syphilis and gonorrhea. Medical reports obtained by Hip Hop Vibe showed that the rapper lived quite the wild life. Rumors swirled that Machine Gun Kelly contracted HIV, which was proven to be false. However, it was proven that the rapper contracted STDs.

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa married in July, 2013, and then later filed for divorce in September, 2014. The model recently declared that the rapper was the love of her life after saying she’s hoping that she and Khalifa will reconcile in the future, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. Rose and Khalifa have a 2-year-old son named Sebastian. Machine Gun Kelly has a daughter named Casie with ex-girlfriend Emma Cannon.

Now, it looks like Wiz is wanting Amber back. In his new song, “Somebody Else,” he reveals the feelings that he once had for his ex-wife. Note that the song starts out a little cold, but then it unveils Wiz’s true feelings.

“Thought I had it / All the magic I could imagine / Then it all went tragic / Automatically I’m the bad one / I was only doing us / I gave you everything, a kid and a house / And a wedding ring / And now you talkin’ ’bout how you could do better things

How did we get this way? / Why do you entertain that bullsh*t? / Why do you even care what Instagram has to say? / Now when you see me we don’t act the same / Smiling on TV trying to hide the pain / An empty seat where you used to be with me on the plane…”

In another set of lines, Khalifa calls Amber irreplaceable.

An empty hole in my heart / Will I ever love again? / You had your way and you know it / I’ve spent a lot of time in the past / Thinkin’ bout how we could have lasted.”

What are your thoughts on Amber Rose hooking up with Machine Gun Kelly? Do you think she should go back to Wiz Khalifa?

[Image: Jason Merritt/Getty Images]