Maci Bookout Explains Why She Nearly Quit 'Teen Mom OG'

Maci Bookout nearly quit Teen Mom OG during filming, and on Monday night, fans saw her dramatic reaction to Morgan Freeman informing her Farrah Abraham would be included in the MTV series.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Maci Bookout was extremely upset about Abraham's return, and felt her role on the show would take away from the series' message, which has long been about pregnancy prevention.

After the show stopped filming in 2012, Abraham went on to star in an adult film, which also featured James Deen, a well-known porn star. The film was eventually bought by Vivid Entertainment, who distributed the film in stores and online, and sent Abraham on a nationwide tour to promote the tape.

In the months that followed, Abraham took full advantage of her newfound fame, and made deals to produce a line of adult toys, release a series of erotic novels, and even began working at an Austin strip club as a featured performer. Because of Abraham's racy new career, Maci Bookout chose to distance herself from her co-star, and focus on her son and her career.

Then, when Maci Bookout began filming the currently airing season of Teen Mom OG, she was once again faced with ties to Abraham.

During a Teen Mom OG: Featured Moment, Maci Bookout explained to MTV why she had such a bad reaction to the news of Abraham's return.

"I had a lot of things running through my mind when Morgan told me that Farrah was coming back to the show. When I was approached about the show coming back on, I made it very, very clear that I was not going to have any part of [it] if her story was going to be on the show too.

I have no dislike towards her or hard feelings towards her — nothing about that."

When Maci Bookout was confronted with the idea of Abraham's return on the show by her producer, her boyfriend, Taylor McKinney, stepped into the conversation, explaining Abraham's lifestyle simply didn't mesh with Bookout's goals for her future.

Below is McKinney's statement, via Starcasm.

"I think what Maci's getting at, too, [to Maci] correct me if I'm wrong, everything that she's trying to build and the message that she's trying to portray: that being a young mother is hard. She feels like that every time she takes a step forward in that, when she's linked to Farrah, it brings her two steps backwards."
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