Kylie Jenner Is Not Amused Or Fazed By Blac Chyna's Instagram Antics

Kylie Jenner doesn't appear to be fazed by Blac Chyna's Instagram posts. The video vixen recently slammed the 17-year-old reality star by posting a photo of herself with red wax candied lips.

Chyna, 26, took it one step further by sharing personal texts from ex-boyfriend Tyga that claim he wants to get back with her. Tyga, 25, is also rumored to be dating Kylie Jenner. Chyna has been slamming the youngest Jenner sister on Instagram for stealing her man.

New reports are saying that Kylie thinks that the former stripper is "sad" and her actions "deplorable." In fact, the teen even said that Blac is acting "trashy" for consistently dissing her on social media.

"Kylie thinks Blac Chyna is trashy and that there's absolutely nothing she could ever learn or gain from her. Kylie doesn't even hate her…she just thinks she's sad. And it's a shame because Kylie actually thinks Chyna is a pretty girl on the surface, but her attitude is deplorable."
Jenner was willing to talk to Chyna because of her relationship with Tyga. After witnessing the ongoing disses on Instagram, the teen doesn't feel like dealing with her anymore.
"Before Chyna posted the picture, Kylie was down to meet her and put all the bulls— behind them. But now that she's disrespected her in such a degrading way, Kylie won't have anything to do with her."
Tyga also wants his ladies to get along. But Jenner told her rumored boyfriend that it "won't happen" since she has no desire to make amends with Chyna. Tyga even convinced his ex-girlfriend to make amends with his new girlfriend. He's tired of seeing Chyna constantly attack Jenner on social media.
"Tyga feels Blac Chyna is really jealous and frankly wants to spoil every bit of happiness he has. Since they've broken up, she's been bitter. He feels like she's filled with anger and doesn't want him to be happy unless it's with her."
Kylie is also getting some romantic ideas these days. After an altered photo showed Tyga with Kylie's name tattooed on his arm, the reality star is wanting him to permanently tattoo her name on his heart. She wants to make sure that Tyga's fully committed to the relationship after Blac Chyna has been desperately trying to tear them apart.

It makes sense that Kylie Jenner's having doubts about their relationship. The texts that Blac Chyna revealed on Instagram also revealed his desperate pleas to become a family again.

[Image: Kylie Jenner/Instagram]