‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Call For Derek Shepherd Back Or Threaten To Stop Watching

Grey’s Anatomy fans are still so angry over the death of Derek Shepherd that they’ve started a petition to bring him back. If Shonda Rhimes refuses to do that, they have said that they will stop watching the medical drama. It has led to debate online—in and out of the fandom—over whether the viewers are going too far.

Characters die in TV shows all the time. Game of Thrones has at least a death per episode and many of those have been main, beloved characters. Yet, nobody has gone to the extent of the Grey’s Anatomy fans, with 17,000 people signing the Change.org petition, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Courtney Williams started the petition on Friday, just a day after the episode of Grey’s Anatomy aired. Fans were shocked on Thursday night to find out that Patrick Dempsey was definitely leaving the show, and his character would be killed off to make it a permanent decision. Some fans say they have not been able to sleep or eat because of how devastating the death was. This is a bigger outcry than the deaths of Lexie Grey and Mark Sloan in the Season 8 finale and Season 9 premiere respectively.

Williams said in the petition that Derek had lived through a mass murderer and a plane crash, and died on a “beautiful day.” She said that it was like killing off the “President of Grey’s Anatomy,” and fans are ready to charge her with the Patriot Act. They have also threatened to stop watching the show, meaning ABC could end up cancelling it. When asked how fans would like to see Derek return, considering Meredith pulled the plug on his life support, fans shared that they would like it to all be a dream.

One reason for Grey’s Anatomy fans to be so angry is the fact that executive producer Rhimes promised a happy ending for Meredith and Derek. There was a happy ending for the two. They parted on good terms, despite it ending in death. People makes it clear that Derek is not likely going to come back. Ellen Pompeo, who plays Meredith Grey on the show, tweeted about the decision. There are people out there who face loss similar to the way that Meredith did, and it will be interesting for her to play this loss and heartbreak on the show. She is excited to tell the story from here on in.

There will be a two-hour special this week, giving fans the chance they need to say goodbye to Derek Shepherd. The Grey’s Anatomy episode will also give the other doctors in the hospital a chance to find out the truth and deal with the loss.

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