Stana Katic: ‘Castle’ Star Gets Married In Real Life

It’s official — actress Stana Katic is now a married woman on the small screen and in real life!

Us Weekly reports that the Castle star recently married her longtime love, Kris Brkljac, during a private ceremony in Croatia. According to her rep, the ceremony was held at a private family monastery which was located on the Dalmatian Coast.

Brkljac, a business efficiency consultant, has reportedly been in a relationship with Stana Katic for many years. Even though the Dalmatian Coast might seem to be a beautiful spot for destination weddings, it is reportedly a little more than that to Stana Katic. Born in Canada to Croatian Serbs that emigrated from Yugoslavia, the 37-year-old actress might even view the Dalmatian Coast as part of her home.

“I call us Dalmatian, because that’s the part of the planet that we are originally from. I have Serb, Croat and even a handful of Montenegrin family members.”

Perhaps her family background would explain why Stana Katic is reportedly fluent in several languages — including English, Bosnian, Croatian, French, Italian, Serbian, and Slovenian.

Over the years that she has been featured in the Hollywood spotlight, Katic has managed to keep her private life away from the public eye for the most part — including the relationship with her now-husband.

Professionally, though, she has managed to build an impressive resume of film and television roles since the early 2000s — including the seven seasons (so far) that she has played Detective Kate Beckett on the hit ABC series, Castle.

During the current seventh season, Kate Beckett married Richard Castle (played by actor Nathan Fillion) — exciting numerous Castle fans and critics alike.

With the May 11 season finale quickly approaching, it still has not been confirmed whether or not Castle will be renewed for an eighth season.

In an interview with TV Line last November, however, Stana Katic shared her thoughts on the benefits of bringing a story to an end when the timing is just right.

“If the character is complete, if there is nowhere else to go creatively, then I think it’s better to stop when you’re on top, because I admire the way that they did that with The Wire, you know? Tell a great story and then go home and move onto something else. Don’t milk it ‘just because.’ “

Katic went on to explain that she is more focused on preserving the artistic side of the series instead of the financial side.

“For me it’s about art over finance, and as long as we’re creating something that is compelling and that has somewhere to go, then we’re good to go. And when we find that we’re not, when we don’t have anywhere else to go, then it’s time for everyone to pack up and move onto the next thing. But I don’t know where it’s going to end.”

Perhaps it is the perfect time for Stana Katic to bid farewell to her small-screen relationship so that she can have more time to enjoy her real-life marriage even more.

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