Apple Watch Allegedly Makes iPhone 6 Battery Life Almost Non-Existent

Apple appears to have a major problem on their hands, as the new Apple Watch appears to suck the life force when paired with the iPhone 6. BGR describes the Apple Watch problem.

“Some users are reporting that the Apple Watch is having a very noticeable negative impact on iPhone battery life. The Watch has to be paired with an iPhone in order to work, and the devices use both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to move data back and forth. It looks like those connections, or perhaps the Apple Watch companion app on the iPhone, are causing excessive battery drain on the iPhone 6 and other iPhone models.”

Twitter is ablaze with criticism of the Apple Watch.


It remains to be seen how much the battery life issue affects Apple Watch sales, which have been very good. In fact, the product is so hot right now that it is selling for over $1,000 on Craigslist. One Craigslist seller claimed they ordered the wrong size Apple Watch and that they would give the watch to you for only $1,050.

“I ordered the wrong size, so I need to sell. I got one of the very few of this model. The watch will be brand new, sealed and, unlike many Apple watches, is guaranteed to be delivered April 24, the first day of availability. Cash only. Be the first to have this beautiful Apple Watch! This sold out in minutes online and remain sold out for many weeks. It’s gorgeous, and the Milanese band is really comfortable and ideal for business or casual. The sapphire crystal is tough and looks great.”

The Apple Watch itself has received mixed reviews, which is unusual for a product from Apple. For example, the New York Times is impressed with the Apple Watch, but thinks the learning curve is too steep.

“First there was a day to learn the device’s initially complex user interface. Then another to determine how it could best fit it into my life. And still one more to figure out exactly what Apple’s first major new product in five years is trying to do — and, crucially, what it isn’t,” says author Farhad Manjoo.

The Financial Times describes the new watch as stylish, sophisticated, but too slow.

“Already, Apple Watch’s biggest shortcoming is clearly its speed. For something designed for quick glances, its software runs slowly. Often I was left staring at a loading screen as an app strained to pull even simple information from my phone.”

Early sales numbers for the Apple Watch will undoubtedly be high. But will those sales continue? Do you think the Apple Watch could eventually become Apple’s first real flop? Let us know in the comments section.

[Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images]