‘OITNB’ Season 3 Poster Released, Details On Upcoming Season Revealed

We haven’t had much information out on the new season of Orange is the New Black, but that’s about to change. The cast is ramping up for promotion, and not only are they giving some details, but we’re getting some visuals from Netflix as well.

Netflix released an appropriate poster of select members of the cast on prayer candles with the cheeky caption, “the third coming.” This isn’t the only time creator Jenji Kohan has played with spirituality and religion within the show. After all, one of the show’s boldest characters, Pennsatucky is a devout Christian.

Here’s a look at one of the first promotional images from the third season.

As for what season 3 will hold, Netflix’s summary for the upcoming season, which debuts on June 12, is as follows:

“Piper, Red, Crazy Eyes, Taystee, Poussey, Sophia, Nicky, Daya, Gloria, Big Boo, Pennsatucky and all of Litchfield’s ladies are back for more drama and laughter…as Alex makes her return and a new inmate, Stella (Ruby Rose) joins the gang.”

Star Taylor Schilling who was promoting her new film The Overnight, at the Tribeca Film Festival, told Real Life With Jane, that we can expect Piper to move forward with her journey on the show. “She’s sort of testing out her own wingspan in new ways.” Given that she was abandoned by both Larry and Alex, it makes sense.

According to cast member Laverne Cox, she told E! that the faith undertones will continue. “It’s gonna be intense. Jenji [Kohan] was really interested in faith and what we believe in as a theme for this third season, so there’s a lot of that permeates…Sophia may or may not get in some major conflict with another prisoner.”

As far as new additions in the cast, comedian Mike Birbiglia has in an unknown role, as well as veteran actress Mary Steenburgen, and Blair Brown. Actress Marsha Stephanie Blake joined as a corrections officer who will shake things up in the third season.

Another new inmate will be making her way and it’s said she’ll resemble former inmate Martha Stewart. In the book the character is from New Jersey, but Kohan decided to make her southern for some flavor.

As stated, Orange is the New Black has also been renewed for a fourth season.

[Image via Netflix]