Kordell Stewart Tweets 'Diversion Is Real' After Porsha Williams Says At 'RHOA' Reunion He Cheated On Her

Karen de Wilde

While Porsha Williams was demoted from a starring housewife to a recurring housewife for Season 7 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, she was still shown often throughout the season. She also had a seat at the reunion show, part 1 of which aired on Sunday night. During the reunion, Porsha, as she did throughout the season, argued with and defended herself against newcomer Claudia Jordan's accusation that she was with a married African man for money. Porsha said that she would never do such a thing because she herself was cheated on during her marriage to former football player Kordell Stewart.

"My thing with Claudia was saying I was dating a married man, which goes against my morals. I was married. And in my relationship I didn't know I was being cheated on till afterwards...After the fact I found out there were some things that had happened during my marriage, yes."

Kordell Stweart appeared on Season 5 of the show with Porsha Williams but then subsequently filed for divorce. He made a brief appearance on the latest season when he got friendly with Claudia Jordan and took a selfie with her. He didn't seem to like being accused by his ex of being a cheater. As the reunion aired, Kordell posted a tweet that seemed to be a response to Porsha's accusation.

Porsha continued to defend herself by retweeting a fan's tweet that made fun of Claudia's claim to be a real journalist.

"Them trying to continue this lie about an African Prince I just could not stand. I hated that. Kenya and Claudia and Cynthia made it their business to repeat that the entire season so I did not like that at all. Kenya has been known to be in relationships with married African men and receive gifts from them and here I am doing well on my own after my divorce. It's what women do. They reflect what's negative about them onto someone else and decide whoever can scream the loudest, if we all gang up, maybe we can get people to believe it. So that was them trying to assassinate my character."