Leah Messer’s Husband Jeremy Calvert Doesn’t Want To Give Her ‘A Penny’ In Their Divorce

Leah Messer and her husband Jeremy Calvert appear to be moving forward with their divorce. As conflicting reports continue to swirl, Calvert took to Twitter where he told fans he was ready to hit the bar scene and re-tweeted a shocking message about Messer and child support.

“Time for dinner and drinks #crowneplaza #Minneapolis # firesidelounge,” Calvert wrote on Twitter on April 26, along with a photo, in which his wedding band was not seen.

Time for dinner and drinks #crowneplaza #Minneapolis # firesidelounge pic.twitter.com/5i0yVdbfz8

— Jeremy Calvert (@Calvert505) April 27, 2015

In addition to Leah Messer’s husband’s bar outing, which appeared to confirm he is living as a single man, Calvert re-tweeted a message, which alleged Messer was a “h–,” who didn’t deserve any support for her child.

“@Calvert505 don’t give @TM2LeahDawn a penny! Cheating h–s don’t deserve child support!!”

Right away, fans criticized Calvert for re-tweeting the message, claiming their child, Adalynn Faith Calvert, shouldn’t be punished for her mother’s reported infidelities. However, the re-tweet was never removed from his account.

In the past, Calvert has hinted his marriage to Leah Messer was over, but this particular tweet took things one step further, as it mentioned Messer by name and suggested she did, in fact, cheat on Calvert, as he previously claimed.

In October, Calvert took to Twitter where he told fans he caught Leah Messer sleeping with her ex-boyfriend, Robbie Kidd. Although Messer immediately denied the allegation, the couple have been somewhat estranged ever since. On Twitter and Facebook, Leah Messer has attempted to convince fans she and Calvert are still together, but he has remained silent, choosing to instead tweet about work, and chat with friends.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Leah Messer’s marital drama has reportedly taken quite a toll on the reality star and mother of three. According to In Touch Weekly, she is “extremely depressed,” and is expected to enter rehab sometime this week to address an alleged addiction to prescription pills.

“Her family is begging her to hold it together until then.”

In the report, a source alleged Leah Messer “seemed completely miserable” at her sister Victoria’s wedding earlier this month.

Leah Messer “bemoaned having to pose for a group photo after the ceremony and asked her friend to drive her and her kids to the reception – but two-year-old Adalynn wasn’t even in a car seat,” the source claimed, adding she “was hunched over and aged beyond her years.”

For the last several weeks, Leah Messer and her husband have been filming Teen Mom 2 Season 6, which is sure to take fans inside their strained marriage. The show premieres on July 9 at 10 p.m. on Bravo.

[Photo via Facebook]