Hello Kitty Restaurant Arrives In Hong Kong As Cartoon-Themed Spa May Head To Hawaii

Hello Kitty is quickly becoming global. The beloved cat is heading to Hong Kong, where there’s a Hello Kitty-themed dim sum restaurant.

The cute character appears everywhere in the restaurant. There’s Hello Kitty tables, chairs, lamps, ornaments, tea pots, and artwork. There’s even Hello Kitty-themed food, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Reporter Jenn Harris recommends ordering the har grow. You’ll get to see the face of Hello Kitty staring back at you. This dish has four shrimp dumplings in a clear noodle wrapper that’s decorated with two black dots for eyes, three black strips for whiskers, a yellow nose, and a pink bow.

That’s not the only dish at this restaurant that resembles Hello Kitty. Harris also said that the custard is also decorated to look like the cat, which is actually a little girl, not a cartoon animal. If you order rice, it will come in the shape of Hello Kitty’s head. The restaurant even serves up vegetables that resemble icons from the popular cartoon. For example, the carrots and bell peppers are even cut into bows and hearts. This isn’t the first Hello Kitty-themed restaurant. There’s a Hello Kitty Dreams Restaurant in the Mainland of China where everything is pink.


Maybe patrons will soon be able to pay for their food with a Hello Kitty-themed charm. These adorable new trinkets make wireless payments easy in Singapore. Called EZ-Charms, these Hello Kitty key chains work in most cities and could be used to make payments on public transportation along with select retail stores. However, the charms are only available in Singapore, although there are plans to expand these new payment services to Taiwan, according to C-Net. Each Hello Kitty charm retails for S$24.90 or $18.00 U.S. dollars.

Meanwhile, a Hello Kitty-themed spa may be heading to Hawaii. That’s not the first spa that’s ever opened. Pacific Business News reported that the first Hello Kitty spa arrived in Dubai in 2012. The Hello Kitty Beauty Spa is different from others and also has a Kitty Café with Hello Kitty-themed food such as desserts, according to the Business Insider. It looks like this spa is taking some inspiration from Hong Kong’s Hello Kitty-themed restaurant.

The spa’s customers are also referred to as “princesses” and “queens.”The spa also offers basic services such as beauty treatments, organic makeup, and spa services. It doesn’t look like there are any “princes” or “kings” at this spa. Hello Kitty Spa LLC was recently registered as a new business in Hawaii. However, it’s not for the actual Hello Kitty cartoon character, but for a different type of spa, the register of the business told the news source. It looks like Hawaii will have to wait and see if they’ll be the next to get a Hello Kitty-themed spa.

It looks like Hello Kitty is taking over the world, as the Inquisitr previously reported that the first ever food truck devoted to the adorable character in San Jose. The food truck will also offer Hello Kitty-themed food during certain times of the day. This is sure to bring a smile to busy workers and fans of the cartoon character.

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[Image: Amy Graves/Getty Images for SEPHORA]

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