Famous Doctor Advises Kate Middleton To Have Sex And Speed Up The Arrival Of The Royal Baby

With the world on standby waiting for Kate Middleton to give birth, a famous British doctor has decided to offer the pregnant Duchess and Prince William some sage advice of his own when it comes to helping bring on the birth of the royal baby.

Somewhat controversially, the good doctor has recommended that Kate Middleton and Prince William make like bunny rabbits and indulge in plenty of sex if they want the royal baby to pop out sooner than later.

The Mirror reports that Good Morning Britain doctor Hilary Jones shocked the U.K. today when he appeared on prime time television and announced that Kate Middleton and Prince William should participate in a spot of sexual gymnastics to help bring on the birth of the baby royal.

Hosts Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid were reduced to hysterics when 61-year-old Dr Jones responded to what he would recommend personally to Kate and William when it came to encouraging the arrival of the new Prince or Princess.

“Can I go into this detail? They could have sex. The male produces prostaglandins and that hormone can help to induce the baby. Having sex does actually help.”

Blushing host Susanna couldn’t believe her ears and tried to stop the twice-divorced father of five from making further blunders when it came to royal protocol by quickly adding, “It said on the schedule that you would talk about romance.”


To which the grey-haired old fox replied.

“Indeed. A romantic night could do the trick – I would recommend it.”

Getting somewhat carried away at the prospect of Kate Middleton and Prince William having sex, the doctor then cries, “Let’s not beat around the bush.”

Susanna’s fellow gobsmacked host Shephard then warns the doctor that he has gone “far enough,” and realising perhaps in a moment of clarity that he had pushed the envelope a little too far, the doctor then turns to off-camera production staff and queries, “Is that alright?”

To which the answer would have to be a resounding No!