WWE News: WWE Set To Bring Back King Of The Ring Tournament Live This Tuesday Night

WWE Extreme Rules is over and now the company is building toward WWE Payback. However, that doesn’t mean that WWE is done giving us something interesting right now. WWE announced at Extreme Rules that they are bringing back the King of the Ring Tournament, and it is set to take place this Tuesday night. The show is set to be live, this time on the WWE Network for the first time.

The idea is that WWE plans to involve this in some sort of storyline, which could tie into WWE Payback in some way. Tonight on WWE RAW, we’re set to get qualifying matches which will determine the matches for Tuesday’s KOTR tourny itself. The last time WWE had this tournament was in 2010, and it occurred on WWE RAW where Sheamus ended up walking away with the title.

He went by King Sheamus for a bit and the tie into being the winner seemed to be a joke on Sheamus for some time, which sort of diminished the tournament in many fans’ eyes. Despite this, many have been calling for WWE to bring back the tournament. Most felt that King of the Ring should be a PPV on it’s own and take the place of some other random WWE PPV. However, one of the original ideas of KOTR that made it worthwhile is no longer seemingly needed.

It used to be that the winner of the tournament would get a title opportunity. Now that we still have the Royal Rumble match and Money in the Bank, the idea of KOTR isn’t needed. When WWE brought it back to WWE RAW, it seemed to be a throw away sort of thing.

While plans could change, the tie into WWE Payback could be that whoever wins gets a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Payback itself. We’ve been hearing that WWE wants to add Roman Reigns to the WWE World Title match at Payback, so this could be a way they do so. This would help Reigns get over more, as he would have to fight through a tournament to earn his championship opportunity. Sort of reminds us of another multi-man match he won earlier in the year, eh?

It doesn’t make sense to bring back the tournament at all unless it was to help further plans for a WWE Superstar or help with title plans currently. Again, plans could still change but we should expect Reigns to be involved in the tournament and win it. WWE Network is stacked with a lot of other material this week as well, so WWE seems to be attempting to end the free April month with a bang.

[IMG Credit: pixshark.com]