The Bachelor Finale (Season 16): Courtney Robertson Accepts Ben Flajnik’s Marriage Proposal

Ben Flajnik (pronounced Flannick) has finally made his decision between Lindzi Cox and Courtney Robertson in the season 16 finale of ABC’s hit television show The Bachelor. After what appears to have been careful deliberation on Flajnik’s behalf, the young television star and successful businessman decided to propose to Courtney Robertson.

After a failed marriage proposal to Ashley Hebert on last season’s The Bachelorette finale, Flajnik appeared to exhibit some reluctance in his willingness to propose for a second time in his life.

Courtney Robertson accepted both a stunning Neil Lane diamond engagement ring as well as Flajnik’s marriage proposal. She then elegantly spoke the following beautiful words to her new fiance:

“I will love you forever, you’re stuck with me.”

Courtney Robertson

During the two-hour long season finale of The Bachelor, Ben Flajnik introduced his two beautiful dates/contestants, Cox and Robertson, to his sister, Julia, as well as his mother, Barbara. After being introduced to Flajnik’s mother, Cox conveyed her the strong emotions which she harbored for her son as she said:

“Your son is amazing. I’ve just completely fallen in love with him.”

Lindzi Cox was certainly a fan favorite in season 16 of The Bachelor and she made a lasting impression on the eligible bachelor when she arrived on a horse at the house which the contestants would all share. Even Ben’s mother and sister found Cox’s personality warm and sincere. All valid reasons why Flajnik’s eventual decision to marry Courtney Robertson might come as a surprise to Cox as well as the show’s many viewers.

What do you think about Ben Flajnik’s decision to marry Courtney Robertson?